Manage your business with MetaRecords

MetaRecords is a complete system for managing and marketing your records retrieval or process serving business.

The MR system includes:

  1. MetaRecords 8 (MR8) office management software
    • This is the basic office management system that includes work orders & billing modules, plus a complete set of legal forms PDF document, word processor, central repository, financial reports, fee check printing, and more.
    • Additional options in the system listed below all require MR8 to operate.
  2. MR Web online offices for lawyers & third parties, such as insurance agencies (optional)
    • Gives online access to the current status of outstanding orders.
    • Allows clients to make record requests online and download invoices and case-related files
  3. Additional optional plug-ins that add specific functionality, include:
    • MR8 Reward Points: Track revenue by individual contact instead of by firm, and allow them to earn points like in an airline mileage program.
    • Reward Points for Web: Provide clients with online access to their reward points.
    • Order Progress Access Extension – Add this extension to MR Web to allow others (such as co-counsels) to view online the Order Progress of an order.
    • MR8 Cloud Data Reader – For subscribers to MR8 Cloud who want to use their MR data in 3rd-party applications for custom reports.
  4. Custom services extend the MR system to handle specific work processes or other unique business needs that your company requires.
  5. Basic support & training provide a base for your staff to be productive with MR from day 1.
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