Release date: October 7, 2013

Find SSNs quicker with a wild card

When searching for social security numbers (SSN) in Case Manager, the % symbol can be used as wildcard. For example, entering “%2464” will bring up any SSN ending in 2464.

Look up who created or modified parties & orders

Last Modified, Last Modified By, Created and Created By fields now appear in Case Manager party information, and Turn-in order information.

Automatically log Sales Rep/Client Of changes

MR8 creates a Notes Log entry in the current window when:

  • The Sales Rep is changed for a case in Case Manager.
  • The Sales Rep or Client Of is changed for a firm or contact in Setup.

Update multiple contacts’ billing email addresses at once

A new selection, Billing Email, has been added to the Bulk Update function in Setup > Contacts.

Optional plug-in creates summarized invoice by case or time period

Add the Summary Invoice plug-in for clients, such as insurance companies, who want to receive summarized invoices listing all the invoices belonging to a particular case or a given period. Summary invoices differ from monthly statements that print only open (unpaid) invoices.

Re-use fee checks assigned to voided invoices

A new function, Clear Invoice No., has been added to Payables > Fee Checks. Use this function to reuse fee checks belonging to voided invoices by clearing the invoice number from fee checks.

Show or hide file types and system codes online

If you prefer not to show file types and system codes to your clients over MR Web, you can turn off “Show on MRWeb” option in the Code Manager.

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