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Learn more about the Top 10 reasons you should upgrade to RB8

Whatever system you are using to run your litigation support business — whether it’s a third-party system, a custom program developed for your company only, or a mix of manual calendar and off-the-shelf software — there’s a better solution: RB.

  1. Cloud-based Option – Eliminate the hassles of maintaining your own server or repository storage with RB8 Cloud. No worries about server crashes, lost data or forgotten back-ups.
  2. Built-in Repository – Go paperless with RB8’s central repository. Store files in case, job, witness, firm, contact, resource and invoice repositories for quick retrieval. Give controlled access to clients and reporters (through RB Web & RB Web Mobile).
  3. PDF Transcripts – Format and produce transcripts (including condensed versions) in Adobe’s universal PDF format within RB8 with a single click. Add linked exhibits and reporters’ digital signatures to RB-PDF Transcripts.
  4. Transcript Packages – Create packages of mobile-compatible transcripts with linked exhibits, video, PDF transcripts & other related files to help your clients be more productive. These new transcripts (meTranscripts™) work across mobile devices and web browsers, and allow users to attach and share their comments with colleagues.
  5. Location Database – Select job locations your reporters visit regularly from a database instead of re-keying location information each time. Automatically include driving directions in reporter worksheets.
  6. Case Management & CRM (Client Relationship Management) :
    • All jobs linked to the same case automatically share common information, such as the parties to the case and services they requested.
    • Categorize and track client firms with rich account profiles, contact information and notes logs, so your sales and marketing efforts are more efficient and rewarding.
  7. Built-in Word Processor – RB8 includes its own word processor with mail merge, so you don’t need Word to manage forms, letters and other documents that use RB data. The Form Manager comes with a complete set of fully editable documents, including Confirmation and Cancellation letters, and Job Assignment emails. Use them as is or edit to fit your business.
  8. Production Enhancements:
    • Enter attorneys and services with a single click – Instead of entering attorneys or services one at a time to invoices, add an entire group at once.
    • Copy services to multiple attorneys in one step – With multiple attorneys to bill on a job, enter services for the first copy attorney, then replicate services for the rest of the copy attorneys with a single click.
    • Print shipping labels and track shipping information – Handle FedEx and UPS shipping, including printing labels, from inside RB8.
  9. Work Flow Enhancements:
    • Autofill address fields – Zip code database from the U.S. Postal Service automatically populates city, state and country fields.
    • Un-editable log-style notes can be cancelled, but not edited or deleted, so you maintain a complete paper trail. Notes logs are searchable, and you can print or export search results to Excel.
    • Automatic alerts for time-crucial information, such as job cancellations, and client-crucial information, such as outstanding retainers or collection reminders, display onscreen when received and also appear in the recipient’s Message Center.
    • Flexible multi-job scheduling using a wizard with date ranges, days-of-the-week and time options for repeating events.
    • Mass update times, locations and more for selected jobs on a case with one click. Can also update file types and status for selected files in all repositories and firm/contact/resource/location information in selected firms/contacts/resources/locations with one click.
    • Uniform list of services, customizable to your unique business offerings, mean clients’ online requests, reporters’ job turn-ins (both on RB Web) and in-house production and billing are all consistent.
  10. Accounting Enhancements:
    • SOX-compliant financial reports assure officers, investors and clients of your business’s financial health and integrity.
    • Retainer tracking alerts remind you of a client’s outstanding retainer so you can apply it when billing
    • Preset payroll dates are selected from a drop-down menu when running payroll so you eliminate the possibility of entering an incorrect date.
    • Payroll direct deposit provides security, convenience and cost savings by eliminating paper checks.
    • Collections tools, including reports, automatic letters, follow-up alerts, collections note log, and the ability to call up and email copies of disputed or unpaid bills from the central repository, make your collection efforts more efficient.
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