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PDF format

The PDF format has been around since 1993 and is backed by Adobe, a NASDAQ-listed corporation with a worldwide presence. PDF is the format of choice for the courts and law firms due to its security, universal format and archival stability. It is compatible with many operating systems.

Page-image ASCII files

RB-PDF transcripts can be made from ASCII files that are prepared in the image of a transcript, or any ASCII file which includes line numbers, page numbers and page breaks, as generated by most CAT systems and word processing applications. RB9 can also accept page-image ASCII files that include headers, footers and time stamps. It can also accept ASCII files that do not contain page numbers.

Hyperlinked exhibits

With a single click, your production staff can pull all exhibits related to a transcript automatically from the repository. Then they can easily create exhibit hyperlinks within a PDF transcript, including multiple different references (or aliases) to the same exhibit.

When your clients open the PDF, they can view any exhibit image in its native format by clicking a hyperlinked reference to it in the PDF. They do not have to maintain any additional files or file structure to access the exhibits. Hyperlinked exhibits are secure because they can only be opened from within the PDF transcript.

Master Word List

A master word list combines the lists of words from a set of transcripts, adding the frequency of each word in the set. These frequency or dictionary reports are very helpful to reporters preparing to take depos on an on-going case. They can see how to spell important words they are likely to come across when taking a depo themselves.

This saves time in production, and solves the problem of making the complete transcripts available to all reporters because they need to know how to spell names. You eliminate any security risk and any potential misunderstandings about pay amounts for finished depos or who is getting which jobs.

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