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Become an RB expert

Use RB’s different training options to learn how to best use the system, teach employees, and refresh your understanding of any areas:

Initial live remote RB training

When you first subscribe to RB, we provide up to 3 free one-to-one remote training sessions to help you set up your system and get oriented to its most critical aspects for running your business:

  1. Basic navigation and set-up of the system
  2. Calendar and Rates set-up
  3. Turn-in and Billing

You can schedule these sessions for when they will be most convenient to you. Then you can check your schedule at any time in our customer portal. You can even cancel a session there.

Free anytime training in the Help Center

In addition to remote training, visit the Help Center to use our free online step-by-step tutorials, training videos, cheat sheets, & user manuals to:

  • Set up your RB9.
  • Learn how to use functions in specific areas of RB.
  • Train new employees by letting them learn at their own pace and review information as needed.
  • Brush up on your RB skills anytime.


Our step-by-step tutorials lead you through all the steps in setting up your RB9 and working in different areas in RB9.

Training videos

The online training videos provide demonstrations and explanations of the important tasks and best business practices in critical RB areas.

Cheat Sheets

Because RB9 is such a deep and comprehensive system, cheat sheets that list and explain options of particular functions or that summarize related functions can help you use RB9 more efficiently and more fully.

User manuals

You can look up information and follow step-by-steps in our free user guides.

On-site custom training to meet your needs

RB9 is a flexible program that can be adapted to fit your company’s workflow. At the same time, it will require your staff to work in new ways to get its full benefit. On-site training is an important step in orienting your company in the right direction, getting staff to “sign on” to more efficient ways to work, and ensuring a smooth transition to RB9.

In addition, if you prefer to learn from a live instructor, or need a refresher course or more customized training, we offer on-site training that can be tailored to your business needs.

Our instructors can teach you how to use RB9 most effectively and efficiently. If your staff wastes even one hour a day doing things inefficiently, then at a minimum you are losing 5 man-hours per week. Multiply that by the number of staff using RB9, and you can see why focused training can mean the difference between profitability and mere survival.

On-site training can also be helpful if you are in a business other than court reporting and need some things addressed that are not covered in RB9 Basic Training.

No limit on class size, small companies can split the cost

On-site training is available in sessions from 1 to 3 days, depending on the size of the firm and content to be covered. The cost is $2,000/day + expenses (and a 1-day travel charge for locations more than 2 hours driving time from trainer's home) per trainer. You can have as many of your employees attend the sessions as is feasible for you, or team up with another company to split the costs. The cost is per trainer, not attendee.

For more information about on-site training, contact us.

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