RB8 is no longer available for sale. RB Web is only available to existing RB8 clients.

Top 10 RB Web features

The online repository and calendar your clients ask for by name: RB Web. This essential plug-in to RB8 gives clients, reporters, sales reps and management online access to essential information in your office, like schedules, job locations, transcripts and other case files, and billing information.

  1. Online Case Repositories
    • Store all case-related files in the repository, so clients can quickly access them by case name and/or other search criteria.
    • Win new clients by offering them an online case repository during the pre-discovery period.
    • Resources can download shared case files, such as exhibits and dictionaries.
  2. E-commerce
    • Clients can pay invoices, including CODs, online.
    • They pay the current full amount, including any finance charges and late fees.
    • After copy clients receive automatic notice that a transcript is ready, they can buy it online and download it instantly.
  3. Downloadable Invoices
    • Online invoices include payment history and a downloadable PDF version, so you don’t have to email clients copies of a lost invoice. They can get it quicker themselves from their online office.
  4. Wireless Mobile Access
    • Clients and resources can view their calendar, including job details, and financial activity on their iPhones or other web-enabled wireless devices.
    • Reporters can acknowledge jobs wirelessly too.
    • Office managers can review job assignments and new calendar entries, plus look up contact information.
    • Optional RB Web Mobile Apps give people access through a dedicated app or RB Web Mobile On™ provides access through a mobile-optimized site.
  5. Transcript Packages
    • Users can view, highlight and comment on meTranscripts™, plus view linked exhibits, video and other related files.
    • They can share their work with colleagues.
    • With RB Web Mobile options, they can also work on meTranscripts on their smartphones.
  6. Multi-Browser/Platform Compatibility
    • Users can access your RB Web through Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer or Firefox on Windows and Chrome, Firefox or Safari on Mac.
  7. Homepage Log-in
    • RB Web’s log-in fields on your homepage increase visits to your company website.
    • Clients and resources sign into RB Web from your site, giving you a chance to communicate with them every time.
  8. Customizable Lists, Contents & Appearance
    • Clients select from services you specify when ordering jobs online.
    • Resources select from services you specify when turning in jobs. (Selecting from your custom lists means quicker requests and turn-ins, plus no inconsistent service descriptions or misspellings.)
    • Change news content to advertise new services, announce important events, etc.
    • Customize automated emails clients receive from your RB Web.
    • Match your RB Web’s look to your company website.
  9. Smart Order Form Integrated into Calendar
    • Clients can revise requests or request new jobs directly from their job calendar, making it easier for them to order from you again.
    • Because RB Web’s order form is “smart,” they don’t have to key in a lot of information. Instead they copy an existing job and update it.
    • Most new information in the order form is entered by selecting items in drop-down menus or clicking checkboxes reducing typing, which speeds up the process and reduces errors.
    • When clients send in a request, it’s immediately listed in their online calendar as a pending request.
  10. Driving directions to locations
    • Clients and resources click a button to see a job’s location and get driving directions.
    • Managers can get directions to a client’s offices or a resource’s home.
    • This information is available when users log into your RB Web wirelessly, so they can get instructions on the road.
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