RB8 is no longer available for sale. RB Web Mobile is only available to existing RB8 clients.

Top 10 Reasons to Offer RB Web Mobile On™

Use RB Web Mobile On™ to connect your clients, resources and staff with their important information in your office instantly. Give them access from their mobile devices to their transcripts, case files, schedule, job details (including driving directions), invoices, pay statements, and more.

  1. No computer needed– Information is available instantly via smartphone or tablet, so users don't have to carry around a laptop, or wait for it to boot up.
  2. Mobile access to transcripts – With meTranscripts™, clients can read, highlight, comment on, and share transcripts with colleagues. Clients and resources can also view case files.
  3. Driving directions to locations – Along with detailed job info, clients and resources click a button to see a job’s location and get driving directions. Managers can get directions to a client’s offices or a resource’s home.
  4. One-touch job acknowledgements – Save time for both your resources and inhouse staff with this easy convenience.
  5. Instant answers to financial questions – Clients can view invoices, statements, payment history and outstanding amounts. Resources can view pay statements and what you still owe them.
  6. Resource access to work schedule – Reporters and other resources can view their schedule and request time off.
  7. Mobile My Points – If you offer clients reward points through RB's My Reward Points, they can track and redeem points using your mobile app. And it doesn't cost you extra if you already have the RB Web My Reward Points plug-in.
  8. Crucial data for managers & staff on the road – Owners, managers and staff benefit too with client & resource data on their smartphones. Plus they can check that all jobs for a particular day have been assigned, audit new jobs for typos & other mistakes, and view the day's tally of new and canceled jobs.
  9. One plug-in works on all devices – No need to subscribe to and maintain individual apps for each iOS your clients use.
  10. No learning curve – RB Web Mobile On works the same as RB Web.

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