RB8 is no longer available for sale. RB Web Mobile is only available to existing RB8 clients.

Mobile access to your office comes in 2 options

Give clients, resources and staff access on their smart phones and tablets to important information, like their transcripts, case files, job details (including driving directions), and more with RB Web Mobile Apps or RB Web Mobile On™.

  • RB Web Mobile Apps are dedicated apps your clients download to their mobile devices.
  • RB Web Mobile On is a plug-in that makes the same information accessible on mobile devices through a browser.

Both work like RB Web, but don’t require a laptop or desktop computer to access information.

RB Web Mobile Apps vs. RB Web Mobile On™

RB Web Mobile Apps

RB Web Mobile On

Access is through a dedicated app on each platform Access is through one URL in a browser on all platforms
Each platform is a separate subscription One subscription covers all platforms
You register each app you use with its app store (may incur additional fees) No third-party registration or fees
Updates to app must be approved by app stores Faster implementation of new feature updates & bug fixes
Apps can be used when user is online or offline Plug-in can only be accessed through browser when online
Apps can be branded with your company name & logo Plug-in cannot be branded (users can bookmark your URL to their device’s screen, but it will display the generic RB Web Mobile icon and name)

Both options provide clients with:

  • meTranscript™ (short for Mobile-Elite Transcript), the best way for your attorney clients to work with transcripts from desktop to laptop to smart phone & tablet.
  • Case repositories
  • Job information, including map directions
  • Invoice details & status
  • And more.
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