RB8 is no longer available for sale. This section is for current RB8 users’ reference.
RB8 Cloud, RB8 Subscribe, & RB8 purchased versions

RB8 support/subscriptions/etc. end 12/1/2020

RB8 is obsolete and will no longer be supported as of Dec. 1, 2020. In addition, all RB8 subscriptions (RB8 Subscribe, RB8 Cloud, and RB Web 8) will be shut down on December 1, 2020. And the RB-PDF Transcript signing feature in RB8 will be shut down.

We encourage RB8 users to update to RB9 before the deadline to prevent a lapse in service or loss of data. RB9 costs the same as RB8 Cloud; and for existing RB8 clients, RB9 installation and data conversion are free. 

RB9 includes all the RB8 functions, adds new features and functions, and includes some RB8 plug-ins for no extra cost. Visit the RB9 vs. RB8 section to see what’s changed.

RB8 Cloud

DIY custom reports from the cloud

August 23, 2018: If you wanted to create your own custom reports, you haven’t been able to in RB8 Cloud due to security reasons. OMTI has developed a plug-in for RB8 Cloud users who want to create their own custom reports using their RB data in 3rd-party applications. The Data Reader plug-in provides a dedicated connection from a company’s registered device(s) to their RB database in the cloud so they can use their RB information in their own custom reports or other applications. Visit the RB plug-in page for more information.

For older news items related to RB8, visit our Idea Salad blog.

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