RB8 is no longer available for sale. This section is for current RB8 users’ reference.

Learn RB8 at your own pace

With RB8 essential training, you can get oriented to RB8 quickly by viewing only the movies that relate to your area(s) of work responsibility. Refer to the Recommended lesson plans — by department to see which lessons to watch and how long they should take.

For more information on what is covered in RB8 training, refer to the lesson descriptions or download the RB8 Essential Training booklet PDF.

Please note: These videos, recorded in 2007, have not been updated to include the latest RB8 features, but much of the basic information presented still applies.

Recommended lesson plans – by department

Lessons to Watch (in order)
Time Needed

Program Basics

64 minutes

Case Management & Central Repository

40 minutes


83 minutes


Program Basics

64 minutes


47 minutes


Program Basics

64 minutes

Production (partial*)

35 minutes


38 minutes


Program Basics

64 minutes


66 minutes


52 minutes

* Watch the first eight Production module movies only.

Lesson descriptions

Program Basics: Start with the basics

For all RB8 users, we recommend that you orient yourself to RB8 by reviewing the program basics training movies online. The first five movies cover RB8’s interface and how to organize it to work best for you, tips and shortcuts to save you time, and how to configure your RB8 workstation to work with your email program, printer and other aspects of your business.

The next three movies cover setting up clients — both firms and individual contacts — and resources, which extend beyond reporters to videographers, interpreters and even conference rooms, in your RB8. The final movie covers using RB8’s log-style notes.

After completing the program basics online movies, you can continue on with the other online training modules.

Case Management & Central Repository: Manage cases, including all case files

Case Management & Central Repository lessons cover setting up cases including parties and their standing orders, setting jobs from cases, uploading files to the central repository and granting access to contacts and resources, locating and emailing files from RB8, and settling cases.

Calendar: Schedule jobs

Learn how to set up your Calendar module to work efficiently, create new jobs including recurring jobs and linked jobs, confirm jobs, assign and notify resources, manage resources, view your calendar in a list or month-to-month format, take care of daily tasks, generate calendar reports, and use best practices for scheduling jobs in RB8.

[15 videos: 83 minutes]

Production: Process jobs and produce transcripts

Maximize your Production productivity. Learn how to turn in jobs; prepare invoices; upload and publish files; create PDF transcripts; compose letters; print envelopes and labels; and track original transcripts.

[12 videos: 47 minutes]

Billing: Generate invoices

In Billing, you verify billing data and maintain quality control while generating invoices. Learn how to calculate and customize invoices; preview, post, send and archive invoices, including COD invoices; transfer posted invoices; and void and rebill invoices.

[8 videos: 38 minutes]

Receivables: Take care of receivables

In Receivables, learn how to process payments; handle retainers; issue credit and debit memos; handle duplicate payments, refunds and miscellaneous receipts; void invoices; and write off uncollectible invoices in these movies.

Payables: Automate payments

Learn how to use RB8’s Payables module to handle payroll, sales commissions and sales tax.

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