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2012: 2nd half

Release date: November 19, 2012

Give clients their transcripts on their iPhones

With meTranscript™ (Mobil-Elite Transcript™) on their smartphones, lawyers can easily read and search a transcript, highlight important text, add comments, and email their marked-up version to others working on the same case. With a tap, they can sync a meTranscript with the version on their desktop so they never lose any important notes they’ve made. They can even work in offline mode, so they can work on flights without paper or laptops. Included free in RB Web Mobile App.

Create transcripts that work better on browsers and mobile devices

RB's new Transcript Package function combines transcripts, exhibits, videos and other related files into a package readable in RB Web (included free in RB Web subscriptions) and RB Web Mobile (included free in RB Web Mobile App).

RB-PDF Transcript improvements

  • When you click Sign This Document, you can jump to any page in the Digital Signature window by entering the desired page number in the page number box at the top of the window.
  • When creating a condensed transcript as a separate document, you can choose to append or attach the word index/word list.
  • When someone opens a PDF transcript containing the classic style quick word Index, the bookmarks pane will appear automatically so clients can navigate transcripts easier.
  • You can choose to append/attach a word index or word list to the condensed transcripts in any of your default transcript profiles by selecting those options in the profile’s Condensed Transcripts tab.

Customize your Calendar view and default job status search

Set your default Calendar view (List, Weekly or Monthly), and specify default job status(es), such as Cancellations, Confirmed or New, for the Job Calendar's Search Criteria pane.

See who can access different repositories online

Web Accessibility function has been added to the Case, Job, Witness and Invoice Repositories.

Specify firms' preferred services/standing orders

When scheduling jobs or producing orders, you can now quickly add a firm's preferred services, in addition to the individual contact's standing requests and your Service Items Master list.

Search by parent firm

Parent Firm filters have been added to the Search Criteria panes of the Calendar Manager, Client Activity and Client Analysis.


Update multiple jobs at once in Calendar Manager

Use Bulk Update in the List View tab to change the Billing Rate, Job Type or Sales Rep for multiple jobs at once.

Automatic notes entries in Assign Resources and Statements

To better track resource use, RB8 automatically notes whenever a resource is assigned or unassigned. To maintain a more complete paper trail, RB8 automatically notes in a firm's log when a consolidated statement is sent, or in a contact's log if contacts get individual statements.

Search and sort Jobs in Progress by type

Job Type filter has been added to the Search Criteria pane, and a Job Type column has been added to the grid.

Easier report comparisons

To make totals match summaries from other functions, Sales Tax and Court Tax now appear on Client and Resource Analysis reports. Court Tax now appears on Business Analysis reports.

Add resources' reference numbers to their profiles and paychecks

Some reporters or agencies that work for other agencies have their own reference number for their invoices. You can now enter this number in their profile, track it in RB8, and have it appear on their payroll checks.

Voided invoices broken out in Sales Commission Report

Voided invoices are now listed in the Adjustments section of the Sales Commission Report report if “Not to void Client Of Commission” or “Not to void Sales Rep Commission” are not selected in the resource’s profile.

Retain collection history when firms merge

When merging firms, the collection logs will be merged also so you won’t lose any of their collection history.

Easier tag implementation

Eliminate redundant typing when adding tags to Firms, Contacts, Resources and Locations. Enter tags in the Code Manager instead, then select them a drop-down in the appropriate Setup window’s Tag tab.

Better performance automatically

RB8 will automatically truncate the log file each time it backs up to keep the log file size down, saving space on your server’s hard drive. And it will re-index and defragment monthly to improve performance.

Custom headers and footers easy to do in Forms Manager

You can now specify header and footer properties, such as distance from page borders. Use the new header and footer buttons to navigate between the two.

Fax from RB8 via Internet fax service of your choice

Internet fax option added to Fax tab in System Preferences. You can choose from a variety of service providers, such as eFax.com or myfax.com, in the drop-down list.

And more:

  • Sales Rep column has been added to the Calendar Manager grid.
  • When the postal/zip code of a job location changes, “Time Zone” and “Adjust clock for daylight saving changes” will change accordingly at the same time.
  • Resource’s City filter has been added to the Resource Production Search Criteria pane. Use this filter to see which resource is producing the most in a particular city.

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2012: 1st half

Release date: May 11, 2012

Chat with OMTI Support live

Now you can connect with the OMTI Support Team using live chat within RB8.

More complete automated message/alert subject lines for easier detection

In RB's Message Center, identical alerts or system notifications were difficult to distinguish without going into the detail. The subject line now includes specific information (job number, invoice number, etc.) so that the messages can be segregated without bringing up details.

New alert group added

In Users and Groups, a new alert group, Job Acknowledged, has been added. Users in this group will be notified when resources acknowledge their job assignments via RB Web.

 New confirmation template added

The confirmation email that is sent automatically when the client requests cancellation via RB Web now can be customized by modifying the new template provided.

Custom triggers no longer work

If you altered RB8 with custom triggers, they will now be automatically removed from the system due to the increasing incidents of unexpected errors and other issues arising from these non-standard codes.

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