Learn important RB8 concepts

Recorded by OMTI President & CEO Yong Lee in 2009, these videos cover important basic concepts in RB8 plus some demos, work processes and best business practices.

Please note: These videos have not been updated to include the latest RB8 features, but much of the basic information presented still applies.

RB functions covered:


Starts from initial set-up and preferences through setting jobs, confirming jobs,and assigning and notifying resources. Includes linking jobs, entering requested services, using notations and resource specialties, Resource Blast and daily calendar tasks.

[10 videos: 1 hour, 4 minutes]

Production & Billing

Starts with RB prefill concepts, outlines production workflow, explains the 4 Turn-In window steps, covers billing in detail.

[8 videos: 52 minutes]

Digital Signature Proxy

Starts with overview of digital signatures, describes the set-up process for RB Digital Signature Proxy and how to apply signatures to RB-PDF transcripts.

[3 videos: 23 minutes]

New in 2014: Give reporters this link to step-by-step instructions for obtaining their digital ID for reporterbase.com: http://youtu.be/2Nr2UdbDW9g

[1 video: 8 minutes]

RB Web

Aimed at reporters, starts with overview of RB Web, reporter side; then provides step-by-step instructions for turning in jobs online.

[3 videos: 29 minutes]

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