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Cloud version of RB8 is more secure & more convenient PDF document

"RB8 Cloud makes it easier for companies to run their businesses on RB8 software by eliminating the need for in-house server equipment or file repository storage."


Easier, cheaper mobile transcripts PDF document

"RB Web Mobile On is the new way to give clients their transcripts and other information on their mobile devices. While it acts like OMTI’s RB Web Mobile Apps on iPhones, iPads, Android devices, etc., it is actually accessed through the browser."


SSL certification added to MR Web sites PDF document

"With this new feature, MR Web subscribers have third-party validation of their website identity on every page of their MR Web office by Comodo, whose SSL certificates are trusted by 99.3% of all web browsers."


New mobile apps released PDF document

"Court reporting agencies can offer their own time-saving app that gives clients access to their important information, such as their depo schedule, transcripts, case files, and invoices, on their smartphones.The app is branded with the agency’s name and logo making it easy for clients to find, download and use it."


Free digital signature service announced PDF document

"RB-DSP is a free way for court reporting agencies to apply reporters’ digital signatures to electronic transcripts efficiently in-house while maintaining the integrity of the signature."


SSL cetification option for website released PDF document

"With this new option, RB Web subscribers can have third-party validation of their website identity on every page of their RB Web office."


MR8/MR Web 8 released PDF document

"With new built-in features, such as a central repository, word processor/form manager, form packaging and tracking, it [MR8] is a complete management system uniquely designed for the records retrieval industry."

Points system tool announcement PDF document

"This tool works similarly to airline mileage programs or credit card reward systems. Any transcript orders resulting from a booking with a participating court reporting firm earns points for the attorney, paralegal or secretary who requested a reporter. Depending on the laws regarding gifts in the particular state the proceedings occur in, the court reporting firm can offer cash, rebates, gifts, certificates and/or favorable booking rates in exchange for a client's accumulated points."

RB PDF-Transcript tool announcement PDF document

"RB PDF-Transcripts are the first digital transcripts that are integrated into a court reporting firm's production and billing software. As an integrated part of the workflow, RB digital transcripts already “know” a lot of the related information, such as case and billing information, that current transcript solutions do not. As a result, RB offices do not have to re-enter information from their office management systems into transcripts, which saves time and reduces errors."


RB Web 8 released PDF document

"RB Web online offices are connected to the legal support firm's database, so online information is always up-to-the minute accurate. Whether an attorney goes online or calls the office to find out about an upcoming depo or an outstanding bill, the information is the same. And with online access, the answers are available 24/7."

RB8 released PDF document

"Based on client feedback, the top three new features in RB8 are its case management tools, automatic instant text messaging, and direct payroll deposit."

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Adding Value with Web Technologies PDF document

Yong Lee, President & CEO of OMTI, offers insight and suggestions to court reporting firm owners and managers on implementing web services into their businesses.


How to choose a management system PDF document

"When comparing systems for running your court reporting firm, it’s important that you are not comparing apples to oranges. What might initially sound like an advantage can actually be useless if it’s not appropriate for your business or an actual disadvantage if it eats into your time and money."

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