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About us

Company overview

OMTI has been in business for over 35 years providing software solutions and operational management consulting to litigation support businesses, such as court reporting firms and records retrieval companies. OMTI provides services to over 600 companies across the U.S. It is headquartered in Southern California, with an office in Korea for product development, and an Oakland, California office which handles marketing. All of the principals in the organization have been with OMTI for more than 15 years.

OMTI office management technologoes inc

Developing software, services & apps since 1985

OMTI (Office Management Technology Inc) focuses on the development of office management software/services on the desktop, web, and mobile devices for court reporting agencies, record retrieval companies and other litigation support businesses.

Established in 1985, OMTI today serves 100s of legal support customers, mainly in the US and Canada. A key to OMTI’s continued success is its business model of comprehensive, scaleable solutions. Its comprehensive systems enable its clients to provide a full range of services efficiently without the need for third-party software. The systems' scalability provides legal support businesses of all sizes with the same specialized tools, so they can provide desirable services, whether they are a national syndicate, an international firm or a one-person court reporting agency or process server.

Yong Lee started OMTI as RB Software in 1985. Other principals include Stella Chang, Ikbum Kim, Ronnie Sampson, Nancy Martin, and Jason Yee.

Yong Lee,
OMTI Founder


OMTI’s scalable solutions extends to its pricing system, with subscriptions that help companies manage their cash flow as they grow or contract their business. OMTI first offered subscriptions in 2003 as a way for smaller agencies to more easily afford our products, but also as a way to ensure our company’s future viability. We know that our software is vitally important to our clients’ businesses, so we must continue to support our clients and develop new products. Subscriptions provide OMTI with stable income and pay for all of our product development and support.

Cloud-based solutions are the latest evolution of software, allowing us to quickly deploy new features and bug fixes to all of our clients. And by hosting our clients’ systems on the best cloud services available, we can better ensure their systems’ safety and integrity.

The success of our business model can be measured in both the continued significant growth in systems and add-on services, and the long-term loyalty of OMTI’s customers — many have grown with the company since its beginnings, and companies that start using OMTI products overwhelmingly stay with OMTI products. OMTI values its customers, actively seeking their input on new solutions to their business problems and providing forums for information sharing and networking, such as our customer portal, user conferences, and job exchanges.

OMTI also provides its court reporting and records retrieval clients with business consulting to improve operational efficiency and increase revenues. And custom programming to incorporate unique business processes.

Who we are

OMTI principals include:

  • Yong Lee, Founder  

    Yong Lee

    Yong started his career making software programs for the mortgage banking industry. His first commission revolutionized the industry by automating loan document processing and tracking.

    In 1985, he founded RB Software, Inc., and developed ReporterBase and Medical Records (now MetaRecords), office management software. In 1992, he founded OMTI to develop educational and corporate training multimedia programs. Through his long-term relationships with companies of all different sizes in court reporting and other litigation support fields, he developed a deep understanding of industry best practices, operational work flows and the unique challenges these types of businesses face.

    Yong earned a Computer Science degree from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).

  • Stella Chang, President and Chief Executive Officer  

    Stella Chang

    Stella has over 25 years of experience in the court reporting and records retrieval industries, improving businesses’ productivity through technology and training.

    She provides consultation to new clients for the successful implementation of ReporterBase and MetaRecords products, including web solutions, data conversions, planning, training preparation, and new office workflows to maximize the benefits of OMTI systems.

    Stella produced and directed five award-winning commercial multimedia educational titles for OMTI, including OMTI Reading Program, which in its first version sold over 3,000 copies to American schools, literacy centers and schools in foreign countries as an ESL program.

    She earned a B.A. in Management Information Systems and an M.B.A. in International Business from the University of Nevada, Reno. She participated in the M.B.A. International Exchange Program at Yon Sei University in Seoul, Korea. She has a C.E. in Interactive Media & Management from the University of California, Santa Cruz; and C.E.’s in Multimedia and Broadcast Communication from San Francisco State University.

  • Ikbum Kim, Chief Technology Officer  

    Ikbum Kim

    Ikbum has over 20 years of experience developing software, and is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer.

    Ikbum is the lead programmer on all OMTI’s products, including ReporterBase 8 & 9, our office management system for legal support firms; RB Web and RB Connect, online offices for clients and resources of legal support firms; and LitBase 2000, a litigation management system for the legal industry. He also heads our Korea development office.

    Prior to joining OMTI, Ikbum worked on projects for Korean businesses and government agencies. His major accomplishments include developing and implementing a Microsoft Back Office Server Y2K project, a procurement development system, a total cost system, an education evaluation system and a sales management system for divisions of Lucky Goldstar; a fire vehicle movement control and logging system for the City of Seoul Fire Department headquarters; and a quality control system for the Korean Industrial Property Office.

    Ikbum earned his BS in Statistics and Economics from Kyunggi University in Korea.

  • Ronnie Sampson, Creative Director  

    Ronnie Sampson

    Ronnie has over 35 years of experience in commercial visual arts. He has created and art-directed projects in all media, and created animations and award-winning multimedia titles and illustrations.

    Ronnie established his graphic design and illustration business in 1982. While doing work for ad agencies, corporations and government agencies, he also ran his own art gallery for three years. In 1987 with Nancy Martin, he founded, edited and produced a visual arts magazine, which they published for two years.

    In 1992, Ronnie and Nancy published their first CD-ROM title, the award-winning Word Tales. They started working with OMTI on educational CD-ROM titles in 1994. In addition to their work with OMTI, they have developed web sites, animations, software toys and interactive games.

    In 2000, their first book, Short Order Macromedia Fireworks, a how-to book on a popular web graphics program, was published by Hayden Books.

    Ronnie has worked with OMTI since 1994.

    Ronnie earned his BFA in Painting and Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University. His artwork has been exhibited internationally and is in museum, corporate and private collections.

  • Nancy Martin, Communications Director  

    Nancy Martin

    Nancy has over 30 years of experience writing and designing publications and multimedia projects. She has an extensive background in writing, editing, graphic design, and multimedia.

    Nancy worked in advertising before joining Ronnie Sampson’s graphic design business in 1989. Over the years, the business has expanded to cover more creative services, including web design, and they have written a blog about artisan chocolate since 2009.

    Nancy has worked with OMTI since 1994.

    Nancy earned her BFA in Communication Arts and Design from Virginia Commonwealth University.

  • Jason Yee, Director of Client Services  

    Jason Yee

    Jason joined OMTI in 2003, and has worked in all areas of client support and sales. He was promoted to Client Support Manager in 2007, and became Director of Client Services in 2018.

    Currently, in addition to overseeing the support department, he handles product sales; consults with our client firm owners and managers to solve their issues and grow their businesses; provides client training, including creating our training materials; and works with OMTI’s development team in designing, consulting, testing, and product roll-outs.

    Before joining OMTI, Jason studied at the University of Texas and University of Houston.