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RB vs. the competition

In the market for an office management system or other specialized application for court reporting agencies, such as online repositories or a transcript creator?

Top 10 reasons why ReporterBase is the #1 choice among your competitors:

  1. We are not in the court reporting business, so we do not compete with our clients.
  2. No re-keying: RB is an integrated system.
  3. You do not upload files to OMTI’s own servers, so your information remains confidential.
  4. You do not give us your client list to offer online or mobile services.
  5. No proprietary transcript reader your clients have to install and learn.
  6. No proprietary digital signature system.
  7. A simple monthly fee covers your services, so you can control your overhead.
  8. RB is a comprehensive system. You do not have to purchase and manage multiple applications.
  9. New features are always being added.
  10. RB is the industry standard, and lawyers ask for RB services by name.

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