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What’s been added or updated in RB products

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Latest update

ReporterBase 9.44

Release date: November 6, 2023

What’s new this time?

You will start seeing improvements in the latest RB9 update even before you sign in: The Login screen now automatically displays the last Login Name used eliminating the need to enter your user name every time.

This latest update includes some system-wide updates — such as an improved email attachment process — plus 2 new functions and new/updated features across RB9, RB Lite, RB Connect, and RB Connect Mobile.

New functions

The latest RB update includes 2 new functions:

  • Override Resource Pay Inquiry 

    New function under Inquiry lets you search historical data about override pay. Previously there wasn’t a way to track payments issued via Override Resource Pay. With this new report you can audit these payments separately from the resource pay total for a specific time period, a single resource, a single job, and/or a single invoice.

  • Billing Sheets 

    You can quickly search for billing sheets and their related data that resources turned in using RB Connect with this new function in the Connect module. Once located, you can download individual billing sheets. (Not available in RB Lite.)

New login features

  • Faster login 

    RB9, RB Lite, RB Connect, and RB Connect Mobile remember and automatically display the last user name that logged in from the device being used so you only have to enter your password.

  • Functions automatically open after log in 

    You can have RB9/RB Lite open specific functions when you log in. Select up to 5 functions in the new Startup Functions section of User Preferences to load by default when logging into RB.

Systemwide updates

  • More main screen shortcuts 

    Shortcuts from results grids have been part of RB9 since 2021. In this update shortcuts have been added to the results grid of more functions so you can immediately access common operations such as View, Edit, and Delete. Some results grids have different/additional shortcuts such as:

    • Jobs (List View)View, Edit, Send Job Confirmation, Change Job Status
    • Tasks (List View)New, View, Edit, Set Acknowledged Date, Clear Acknowledged Date
  • Font name of selected text displays in HTML toolbars 

    You can easily find the name of a font style used in any HTML editor in RB9, RB Lite, RB Connect, or RB Connect Mobile such as Notes fields or the Mail Composer. Select any styled text in an HTML editor and the name of the font used for that text appears in the HTML toolbar.

  • Email attachment improvements 
    • Now the drag & drop zone for attaching files in RB’s Mail Composer only appears when the Attach files button is clicked.
    • Attach files from your RB Repository to emails in the mail composer with the click of a button in:
      • Send Job Confirmation/Cancellation
      • Send Assignment Notification/Cancellation
      • Send Invoices
      • Invoice Inquiry
    • When sending Assignment Notifications RB will automatically attach repository files only if the attachment’s file size does not exceed 20MB.

More updates by module


  • Alphabetical characters in case numbers automatically capitalized 

    RB now automatically converts lowercase characters to uppercase as you enter them in Case No.

  • Internal RB9 case numbers 

    RB now automatically applies and displays consecutive internal case numbers similar to job numbers. The Internal Case No. will help distinguish cases in results and is searchable.

  • Save & New option for adding parties to cases 

    When adding parties to a case, Save & New option has been added to the New Party panel to enable continuous entry of parties.

  • Cancel multiple jobs tied to a case at once 

    All jobs within a case can be selected and canceled at once with the More > Cancel Jobs option in the Edit Case window.

  • Separate start times for a job and its tasks 

    If you have a job with tasks that will start at different times than the job you could use linked jobs. But now you can keep the tasks in the job and give them their own start and end times.

    • With the new Use different task time from job time option in the New Task panel you can assign start and end times to a task if the job and order dates are the same.
    • When a task has its own start and end times resource availability is determined by the task time.
    • In Task calendars and related functions like Quick Assignments the existing time headers have been changed to job time headers and task time headers have been added. Start Time in the Send Assignment Notifications/Cancellations results grid has been changed to Job Start Time.
    • If the task time is different from the job time when you change the job time the system will display an alert to manually change the task time.
    • RB automatically logs when a task’s start or end time changes to the job’s Notes Log.
    • Assignment Notification iCalendar files will use task times for calendar entries if they have been set separately from job times. If there are no task times the .ics files will use the job time.
    • If you set the system preference for Line Data for Monthly View in Tasks (Monthly View) to display Start Time the calendar will display the task’s start time if it exists. Otherwise it will display the job’s start time.
  • Hybrid locations for Zoom meetings 

    When entering a new job, you can now input a physical location/address and create an online Zoom meeting at the same time. Job Location has been changed to a Location for In-room Participants section and a Location for Remote Participants section for Zoom meetings. Only Location for In-room Participants data will be displayed as Location Info. in results grids.

  • Zoom meetings automatically deleted for canceled jobs 

    RB9 now automatically deletes a Zoom meeting when its Job Status changes to Canceled.

  • Resource Warnings appear in Task panel 

    When a resource is selected in the New/View/Edit Task panel their Resource Warning appears beneath their name in the Task panel.

  • Cancel the reporter but not the whole task 

    Cancel and Reactivate Task function has been added to the More button on the Edit Task panel. You can cancel a task and reactivate it at once instead of having to do it in separate steps.

  • Task Status added to task calendars 

    You can search by Task Status in Tasks (List View) and Tasks (Monthly View). And Task Status has been added to the tooltip in Monthly View.

  • Case and Witness columns added to Send Job Confirmations/Cancellations grid 

    Case name and Witness name of jobs are now displayed in the Send Job Confirmations/Cancellations results grid.

  • Canceled tasks more visibly defined in Tasks (Monthly View) 

    Canceled tasks are now displayed as strikethrough text in the monthly calendar view.

  • Witness column added to Tasks in Progress 

    Witness names appear in Tasks in Progress’s results grid.



  • Unnecessary step when posting invoices eliminated 

    After posting invoice(s) from Billing or Turn In, if you answer Yes to “Do you want to send or archive the posted invoices?” the Send Invoices function displays the invoices as checked by default eliminating the need to select the invoices again.

  • Blank Pay Rate/Zero Pay Amount alert when posting 

    You now have a System Preferences option so when an invoice does not have a pay rate applied to it — or the total pay amount is 0 — and you attempt to post it in either Billing or Turn In, RB will display a warning and ask if you still want to post the invoice.



  • Duplicate payments & refunds allowed with other open transactions 

    When adding a duplicate payment or refund to an invoice the transaction can be entered even if there is another transaction entered that has not been posted to the corresponding invoice.

  • Void invoice but pay resource 

    Not to void Resource Pay option added to Void transactions in Enter Other Transactions. If the option is turned on, resource payment can proceed even if the invoice is voided. This includes overriding resource pay in Payables. And these pay amounts for voided invoices appear in:

    • Total Payable Reports
    • Additional Resource Production Reports
    • Liability Balance Log (where it is added to the Increase R/P column and removed from the Decrease R/P column)
  • Created By and Created columns added to Enter Other Transactions grid 

    You can now see which user entered a transaction and when in the Enter Other Transactions results grid.


  • Smarter pay adjustments 

    Pay Date is no longer required when:

    • Searching for open pay adjustments. If you search Pay Adjustments without a defined pay date, you can search all pay adjustments that are not closed.
    • Entering a new pay adjustment. If you add a pay adjustment without a defined pay date, the adjustment is automatically set to the next payroll. However if the open pay adjustment is a negative amount, it is set to the next payroll only if the amount can be deducted. Otherwise it remains an open pay adjustment. And if you click Reset Payroll in Pay Resources, the pay date is automatically cleared for open pay adjustments which will be set again to the next payroll.
  • View Copy Only sales commission reports 

    The Exclude Copies search filter in the Sales Commission Report function has been changed to Original/Copy and offers the options of ALL, Original Only, and Copy Only.


  • Warning dialog box appears when trying to update ALL entities 

    If you choose to update “All” in Bulk Update for firms, contacts, resources, or locations, RB9 displays a confirmation message to warn that you are about to update all the entities in the selected table with this change so you can affirm that you want to change the entire table. The default in the popup alert is No to help minimize errors made with this irreversible command.

  • More data fields in Form Templates 
    • JobLocation_URL and JobLocation_URLNotes data fields added to Job Confirmations, Job Cancellations, Assignment Notifications, and Assignment Cancellations.
    • Task_StartTime and Task_EndTime added to Assignment Notifications and Assignment Cancellations.


  • Assign multiple Notification Types at once in Entities 

    When assigning different notification types (e.g., accounting, job, repository) to email addresses in a firm, contact, or resource the dropdown in the New Notification Email panel has been changed to check boxes in most functions. You can now check multiple boxes to select what types of emails an email address will receive instead of adding the types one at a time.

  • Include resources’ business name or nickname 

    Like firms in RB, Resources now have an a/k/a field you can use for their preferred nickname — or business name if they are independent contractors. In Search By, the “Full Name” option in the Name dropdown has been changed to “Full Name or a/k/a” so you can search by their alternative name.

  • Assignment availability saved when merging resources 

    When merging resources the assignment availability of the Merge From resource is copied to the Merge To resource instead of being deleted.

  • Resource birth date can be added without the year 

    When entering a resource’s birthday only the month and day are required. You do not have to include the year.


  • Use Witness page count for calculating any service item charges 

    In addition to Original and Copy, you can now tie other service items to the Witness page count with the Use Pages for calculation option in the Service Item Master. With this flag turned on, the amount for the service item is calculated using the witness’s transcript pages and page deductions — the same way Original and Copy service items are calculated.

  • More data fields in form emails 

    In System Preferences:

    • JobLocation_URL and JobLocation_URLNotes added to Assignment Notification, Assignment Cancellation, Job Confirmation, and Job Cancellation Email Subject and Message.
    • Task_StartTime and Task_EndTime added to Assignment Notification and Assignment Cancellation Email Subject and Message.
    • BillToContactNo, BillToFirmNo added to Statement Email Subject and Message.

RB Connect & RB Connect Mobile highlights

  • Hybrid job location sections added 

    In both RB Connect and RB Connect Mobile the Job Location pane in jobs in Contact > Calendar and Resource > Jobs has been updated to include sections for in-person and remote job locations.

  • No default dates in contacts’ account activity 

    On the Contact side of RB Connect/RB Connect Mobile when Account Activity is selected, Account Status defaults to “Show Open Invoices Only” and displays all open invoices.

  • Simplified transcript highlighting 

    Instead of expecting attorneys to select the highlight color each time they want to highlight a line in a transcript using Transcript Packages, they now designate a default color and then continue to apply highlights in that default color until they change the default highlight color.

  • Separate task times added on Resource side 

    With the new ability to schedule different start and end times for tasks, the Resource side of RB Connect/RB Connect Mobile differentiates between job and task times:

    • Start Time and End Time has been added to the Task section of job details.
    • Add To Calendar options in Jobs uses the task time unless there is no task time, then it uses the job time.
    • Start Time in RB Connect Dashboard’s Top 10 Upcoming Jobs grid and RB Connect Mobile’s Jobs in Calendar View Style indicates the task start time if there is a task start time, or the job start time if there is no task start time.
    • In RB Connect’s Jobs in List View Style when Type is Assigned, the Time header in the main grid has been changed to Job Time and a Task Time column has been added.
    • In RB Connect’s Jobs in Calendar View Style when Type is Assigned, Time in the task tooltip has been changed to Job Time and a Task Time field has been added.
  • Resource’s Tasks in Progress improvements 

    On the Resource side of RB Connect in Tasks in Progress:

    • Task Status has been added to the main grid next to the task name for easy reference.
    • The job number is now a hyperlink so the resource can view the job from the Tasks in Progress window — plus add the job to their calendar, print the assignment notification, upload/download files, and check in at the job.
  • Scheduled By field added to billing sheet 

    On the Resource side of RB Connect in Turn In, Scheduled By has been added to the billing sheet in Step 4 – Confirm & Finish so your production staff will know who to copy the transcript and invoice to.


    Fixed issues in:

  • Cases where the Bill To Contact’s Warning was not displaying on the New Party panel when Same as Sold To is Yes.
  • Pay Resources where column sorting was reset when performing Set/Clear Pay in the invoices sub-grid of each resource.
  • RB Connect Mobile in Contact > Calendar and Resource > Jobs where the Adjust clock for daylight saving changes label in View Job did not word wrap and obscured the switch control.

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