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Latest update

ReporterBase 9.12

Release date: June 7, 2020


Speedier QuickBooks Integrator performance

QuickBooks Integrator was too slow when dealing with large amounts of data. This updated fixes that slow performance problem.

This table highlights the difference between QuickBooks Integrator converting RB9 data and inserting it into QuickBooks in the last version of RB9 and the current version, using an example of a database with over 30,000 invoices and 5 sets of data for each type of data:

QuickBooks Data RB 9.11 RB 9.12
Customer 18.59 14.54
Vendor 13.39 11.58
Invoice 309.72 19.39
Check 21.29 16.14
Payment 292.21 18.62
Credit 304.36 30.13

(unit: seconds)

As you can see, all types of data convert from RB9 and insert into QuickBooks faster — up to 16 times faster! In addition to this new built-in speed enhancement, be sure to always launch your QuickBooks application before using QuickBooks Integrator. With this simple fix, you will see over 300% faster performance.

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