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Add more functions to your RB9 system

Subscribe to RB9 plug-ins for your RB system to add capabilities and provide desirable services. You can cancel a plug-in at any time, so you can add what you need when you need it without worrying about unnecessary overhead. Plug-ins are for RB9 only.

Connect clients & reporters to your online office

RB Connect is the essential RB plug-in that gives your clients, reporters, and other resources online access to information in your office, like schedules, job locations, transcripts and other case files, and billing information.

RB Connect

Give clients & reporters mobile access

RB Connect Mobile

Add the RB Connect Mobile plug-in to RB Connect, and your RB Connect users can easily use your RB Connect site on their iPhones and other mobile devices. RB Connect Mobile is designed for the smaller screens on mobile devices.

Create custom reports with your RB data

The Data Reader plug-in provides a dedicated connection to your RB database in the cloud so you can use your RB information in your own reports or other applications.

data reader

Allow clients to search for text in their repositories

full text search

The Full-Text Search plug-in gives clients the ability to search for specific text in their RB Connect repositories and Transcript Packages, and get results in seconds. Requires RB Connect.