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Online training videos

Use our free online training videos to:

  • Learn how to use functions in specific areas of RB.
  • Train new employees by letting them learn at their own pace and review information as needed.
  • Brush up your RB skills anytime.
  • RB8 users: Get oriented to RB9 fast with focused RB8-to-RB9 videos.
training videos

The online training videos provide provide step-by-step demonstrations of important tasks and best business practices in critical RB areas.

Training videos

These videos are for all users to get the most out of the functions in each module of RB9:

Used RB before?

If you already know RB8, use these videos to learn how RB9 is different from RB8, so you can take what you already know and apply it to the new environment. These might be all you need to get up and running in RB9.