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Meet your clients & reporters where they live

On their smart phones! Give clients and resources easy access on their smart phones and tablets to important information, like their transcripts, case files, job details (including driving directions), and more.

With RB Connect Mobile, your clients can do almost everything they already do in your online offices — such as viewing their calendars, transcripts and supporting files — on their mobile devices. The difference is that they can look up information in an easy-to-read interface designed for mobile use, instead of having to pinch and zoom the standard browser layout that is reduced to fit the smaller screens of smartphones and tables.

RB Connect Mobile

RB Connect Mobile is not an app, so your clients and resources do not have to search through app stores to find it, nor do you have to deal with the hassle of registering your mobile offices. Instead, we turn on the plug-in, and users access it through the browser on their smartphones and tablets. Requires RB Connect.


  • Information available instantly anywhere.
  • No need to carry around a laptop.
  • No waiting for a computer to boot up.
  • No app to install.
  • No searching app stores for your app.

RB Connect Mobile offers:

  • Instant set-up  

    If you already have RB Connect, you can offer mobile services tomorrow.

  • Mobile-ized layout  

    Instead of tiny PDF transcripts and web pages crammed into the smaller screens of mobile devices, RB Connect Mobile is designed to be easy to read and use on smartphones and tablets. Don’t make your clients try to maneuver through your RB Connect website on a tiny screen or pinch and zoom to try to read your RB Connect site. RB Connect Mobile makes it easy to use your site on mobile devices.

  • No 3rd-party registration or fees  

    You only pay a monthly fee for the plug-in. There are no app store requirements to meet or app store fees to pay.

  • One subscription covers all devices  

    Because RB Connect Mobile is browser-based, your mobile offices are available automatically on all smartphones and tablets that offer browser access to the internet (such as Safari on iPhones). There is no need to buy a separate subscription for each mobile operating system.

RB Connect Mobile gives clients full access to their RB Connect

All of RB Connect’s client-side functions are available in RB Connect Mobile (except uploading files and paying invoices), so your clients can access their information in a mobile environment.

RB Connect Mobile full feature list
Reporters & other resources have access too

Reporters and other resources can access almost all RB Connect resource-side functions in RB Connect Mobile. (They cannot upload files, compile Master Word Lists or turn in jobs.)

Want to know more?

Download the RB Connect Mobile fact sheet downloadable PDF, or contact OMTI Sales for more information about RB Connect Mobile and to get a free demonstration. (RB Connect Mobile is not available for RB Lite.)

RB Connect and RB Connect Mobile let's work together