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RB Connect:
Online offices for clients of
court reporting & other
legal support businesses

Top 9 reasons to add RB Connect

RB Connect is the new version of the online repository and calendar your clients ask for by name: RB Web. This essential RB plug-in gives clients, reporters, and others online access to the latest information in your office, like depo schedules, job locations, transcripts and other case files, and billing information.

  1. Online case repositories  
    • Store all case-related files in the repository, so clients can quickly access files by case name and/or other search criteria.
    • Win new clients by offering them online case repositories during the pre-discovery period.
    • Reporters and other resources can download shared case files, such as exhibits and dictionaries.
  2. Transcript Packages  
    • Users can view, highlight, and make notes on transcripts, plus view linked exhibits, video, and other related files.
    • They can export transcripts in several formats, including condensed, plus export word indexes, word lists, notes, and highlighted text.
    • With RB Connect Mobile, they can work on their Transcript Packages on their smartphones in a mobile user interface.


  3. E-commerce  
    • Clients can pay invoices, including CODs, online.
    • They pay the current full amount, including any finance charges and late fees.
    • If clients want to download transcripts, exhibits, or related files from the repository —or work with Transcript Packages — RB Connect guides them to pay the current invoice, then gives them access.
    • After copy clients receive automatic notice that a transcript is ready, they can buy the transcript online and download it instantly.

    More about RB Connect e-commerce >

  4. Downloadable invoices  

    Online invoices include payment history and a downloadable PDF version, so you don’t have to email clients copies of a lost invoice. They can get it quicker themselves from their online office.

  5. Multi-browser/platform compatibility  
    • Users can access your RB Connect through Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge.
    • Because it’s browser based, it doesn’t matter which operating system or device they use.
    • They can even sign in using social media, such as Facebook or LinkedIn.
  6. Secure sign-in  
    • Users sign in with their RB Connect user ID and password.
    • You can require that users periodically update their password.
    • You can set up Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) that adds another layer of security to sign-in: A code the user must retrieve and enter before accessing the site.
  7. Customizable lists, contents & appearance  
    • Clients select from services you specify when ordering jobs online. And resources select from services you specify when turning in jobs. (Selecting from your custom lists means quicker requests and turn-ins, plus no inconsistent service descriptions or misspellings.)
    • Give clients and resources full access to your RB Connect, or turn off access to specific areas to tailor your online offices to what you offer.
    • Change news content to advertise new services, announce important events, etc.
    • Customize automated emails clients and resources receive from your RB Connect.
    • Match your RB Connect’s look to your company website.
  8. Driving directions to locations  
    • Clients and resources click a button to get driving directions to a job’s location using their choice of Google, Mapquest, or Bing maps.
    • This information is available when users log into your RB Connect wirelessly, so they can get instructions on the road.
  9. Cost is per URL, not per user  

    We do not charge by how many of your clients or reporters access your RB Connect or by how often they connect. You pay a flat monthly rate per RB Connect URL, which includes both the contact (your clients) and resource (your reporters) sides of your RB Connect. Most of our RB Connect clients have only one URL.

RB Connect works for:

  • Lawyers
  • Secretaries
  • Paralegals
  • Court reporters
  • Videographers
  • Interpreters

Meet your clients & resources where they live

RB Connect Mobile

On their smart phones! Add the RB Connect Mobile plug-in to RB Connect, and your RB Connect users can easily use your RB Connect site on their iPhones and other mobile devices. RB Connect Mobile is designed for the smaller screens on mobile devices so your clients and resources can access your entire RB Connect site but in a mobile-maximized layout that is easy to navigate and read.

Want to know more?

Download the RB Connect fact sheet downloadable PDF or contact OMTI Sales for more information about RB Connect and to get a free demonstration. (RB Connect is not available for RB Lite.)

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