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RB9 & RB Connect 2020 updates

In February 2020, we began including videos demo-ing new features. This page covers features added in 2020 prior to the latest release.

ReporterBase 9.12

Release date: June 7, 2020


Speedier QuickBooks Integrator performance

QuickBooks Integrator was too slow when dealing with large amounts of data. This updated fixes that slow performance problem.

This table highlights the difference between QuickBooks Integrator converting RB9 data and inserting it into QuickBooks in the last version of RB9 and the current version, using an example of a database with over 30,000 invoices and 5 sets of data for each type of data:

QuickBooks Data RB 9.11 RB 9.12
Customer 18.59 14.54
Vendor 13.39 11.58
Invoice 309.72 19.39
Check 21.29 16.14
Payment 292.21 18.62
Credit 304.36 30.13

(unit: seconds)

As you can see, all types of data convert from RB9 and insert into QuickBooks faster — up to 16 times faster! In addition to this new built-in speed enhancement, be sure to always launch your QuickBooks application before using QuickBooks Integrator. With this simple fix, you will see over 300% faster performance.

ReporterBase 9.11

Release date: May 13, 2020

This release description includes videos of OMTI’s Director of Client Services Jason Yee demo-ing new features.

Top features

  • Search firms by contact improved  

    When you use the Search By Contact Name option in firm searches, the results returned are listed by contact and firm name instead of firm name only, so you can more quickly located the correct firm.

    Also, when creating a new job, if you search by Contact Name, when you click the hyperlinked contact name in the search results, the New Job window automatically defaults to the contact's name in the Scheduling Contact and Ordering Contact fields, eliminating the need to choose the contact again.

  • Keep a paper trail of your RB9 emails  

    You now have the option to always send yourself a blind carbon copy of emails you send through RB9. Set in User Preferences.

  • Resize multi-line input boxes to see entire entry  

    Multi-line input boxes in Edit windows are resizable. Drag the bottom-right handle of a multi-line box to grow the box so you can view the contents without scrolling. (Not available in Internet Explorer or Edge browsers.)

  • Search and edit linked jobs  

    If you use linked jobs instead of tasks for the video portion of a depo job or for other separate tasks of one job, those linked jobs now appear in job searches in the Calendar, so you can easily look up and edit those jobs separately from the main job they are linked to.

    Also, the Linked Job field in a job is now editable so you can link a job to an existing job, or delete a link between jobs.

  • Improved Job Printout layout  

    Information about each job on the Job Printout has been rearranged to be easier to read:

    • Essential job information, such as date, time, job type, and ordering client are in the header of each job, which also makes it easier to distinguish between jobs on the page.
    • If a job entry doesn’t fit at the end of a page, the entire job entry is moved to the next page so there are no entries split between pages.

  • Faster to add multiple witnesses  

    Save & New option added to New Witness screen makes it faster to add multiple witnesses to a job during turn-in by keeping you in the New Witness screen.

  • Print addresses on envelopes  

    In addition to DYMO labels for correspondence and packaging, you can now generate a PDF file of addresses positioned to print on standard envelope sizes or create your own custom layout.

  • Use popular queries to make custom reports  

    Instead of writing your own queries from scratch in Query Maker, download queries written by RB9 staff and other users to generate reports that are most commonly requested but are not in RB9 yet.

  • Mass update a firm’s contact notification emails  

    You can designate one contact’s email address to receive a specific type of notification email (Job, Invoice, Repository) for multiple contacts at a firm at once. You can also delete notification emails to some or all contacts at a firm at once.

    This is handy when someone leaves the firm who has been responsible for all the contacts’ accounting emails, for example. You can globally delete that email from the contacts’ list, then add the new email address. All in one function.

  • More merge options  

    You can now merge more list entries, retaining historical data but reducing the number of entries in a list and removing entries you don’t need. For a complete list of the new merge-able lists, see the update notice for ReporterBase 9.11 in the Knowledgebase.

  • Set different margins for condensed transcripts, word lists, and word indexes  

    When setting up PDF transcript templates, you can set different page margins for the full-size transcript, the condensed transcript, the word list, and the word index. You can also change them on the fly when creating RB-PDF transcripts.

  • Set longer time-out intervals  

    For security reasons, RB9 automatically logs users out after a certain period of inactivity unless they indicate they want to stay connected. Now you can change the session timeout interval from the default 20 minutes to up to 60 minutes.

  • Canceled jobs easy to see in RB Connect  

    To make them stand out, canceled jobs appear in red in List view, and in red and crossed-out in Calendar view in both Contact and Resource sides of RB Connect.

    On Contact side:

    On Resource side:

More update features

ReporterBase 9.10

Release date: February 1, 2020

This release description includes videos of OMTI’s Director of Client Services Jason Yee demo-ing new features.


  • More secure with 2FA log-in  

    This update includes the option to use two-factor authentication (2FA) for logging in to RB9 and RB Connect. 2FA is a way to more securely confirm a user’s identity by adding a second factor to signing in with a user name and password. 

    Set up 2FA in RB9:

    Set up 2FA in RB Connect:

    In RB9 and RB Connect, 2FA uses a verification code that is sent to the user’s email address or mobile device, which the user then enters during sign-in to confirm their identity. Verification is per device, so users can set their device to require 2FA each time they log in (for example, on a public computer) or only the first time (e.g., on their dedicated work computer). Device verification is good for 2 years.

    Verify 2FA in RB9:

    Verify 2FA in RB Connect:

  • Easier to change billing contact when Bill To firm is same as Sold To firm  

    Previously, if the Sold To firm on a job, case, or invoice was the same as the Bill To firm, but the firm’s billing contact was different than the ordering contact, you had to reselect the firm in the Bill To section of the job party to select the correct contact. Now when you designate the Sold To firm as the Bill To firm, you can change the default Bill To contact by unchecking Same As Sold To,then using the Bill To Contact drop-down without losing the Bill To firm information.

    In Case Manager:

    In Jobs List View:

    In Turn In > New Invoice:

  • Aged A/R report for earlier time periods & more  

    The interactive Aged A/R report is even more useful with these 3 latest changes. You can now:

    1. Generate Aged A/R reports for prior time periods.

    2. See how many days old an invoice is in its Aged A/R detail screen. 

    3. See the Total Amount line in Excel spreadsheets exported using the Export with invoices button.

  • Daily Balance Log adjusted to work with new Aged A/R  

    Previously, the Aged A/R report was limited to aging accounts from today only. So if you wanted an A/R summary aged from a previous date, you used the Daily Balance Log. With the ability now to choose a different date to age receivables from in Aged A/R reports, discrepancies could occur between the 2 reports because Daily Balance Log used the date when receivables were posted but Aged A/R reports use the date when receivables are entered.

    If you have ever entered a receivables transaction without posting it the same day, you can see how that could be a problem when checking the Daily Balance Log posted amounts against an Aged A/R report for a prior time period because Aged A/R tracks invoices’ balances when receivable transactions are added to RB9, not when the receivables are posted. Daily Balance Log now uses the Entered Date instead of the Post Date to match the Aged A/R process.

  • More transcript options  

    PDF/A options have been added to RB-PDF Transcripts. PDF/A file formats are specialized versions of PDF files designed for archiving/preserving electronic documents. They differ from PDF by prohibiting features unsuitable for long-term archiving, such as attachments. This option is available for PDF transcripts created in RB9 and by clients exporting PDF transcripts from Transcript Packages in RB Connect and RB Connect Mobile

    PDF/A options for full-size transcripts:

    Two pages per sheet condensed transcripts option. You now can set up condensed transcripts with 2 ASCII pages per sheet, in addition to the original 4 pages per sheet. This option is available for PDF transcripts created in RB9 and by clients exporting PDF transcripts from Transcript Packages in RB Connect and RB Connect Mobile

    Multiple highlight colors in Transcript Packages. Contacts can set up multiple highlight selections in Transcript Packages in RB Connect and RB Connect Mobile defined by color and label. They can export all their highlights combined into one file or export them individually by highlight color.

    Set up & apply highlight colors:

    Export highlighted content by category:

  • Remove inactive contacts from notification threads automatically  

    When you move a contact to inactive status, you can choose to have their email addresses automatically deleted from notification email lists so they will no longer receive those emails.

  • Track resource certification expirations  

    You can add expiration dates to resources’ certifications, plus set a reminder date for your staff to send resources a notice to renew their certifications before they expire.

  • More flexible time-off requests  

    Resources can easily ask for time off by day, hour, or a longer time period. Longer time periods can be full days (like vacations), or specific periods in the days (like when taking a class).

  • More update improvements  
    • Send assignment notifications to resources by email and SMS simultaneously. (Calendar)

    • Job printouts can include scheduling notes. (Calendar)

    • Post and archive invoices at the same time.

      In Turn In:

      In Post Invoices:

    • Firm and Contact Results grids include Warning column. (Entities)
    • Multi-page statements include current page number of total page numbers to easily identify the page. (Receivables)

    • Users and Groups has mobile vendor option added for mobile phones. (Setup)

    • Assignment notifications can now have files attached from Firm repository. (System Preferences)

    • Can set End Time default for new jobs. (System Preferences)

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