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RB Support & Software Maintenance

RB9 includes standard RB support.

Support plan benefits

General support plan information

As our clients’ need change and new support technologies become available, we periodically revise existing plan benefits and add new ones. Always check here for the latest benefits listing.

Service hours

Most support services are only available during our regular office hours: 8 am–5 pm PT, M–F, excluding holidays. Support information and news are available 24x7 on our website.

Support policies do not include:

  • Training, beyond three (3) initial one-to-one remote sessions covering set-up and basics, plus what is provided online
  • Hardware or third-party software maintenance and support
  • Support for your network or Internet access
  • Off-business-hour support
  • Custom programming

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Service descriptions

Online support

Users can find answers to their ReporterBase questions in several areas online:

  • RB9’s User Guide is included in the program itself with a Help button on every screen that opens the guide to the relevant section.
  • The OMTI KnowledgeBase contains information on product releases, answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and step-by-step solutions to common operational and software problems. It is available in the customer portal. You can search for articles in this online database by keyword, product, most viewed or most recently posted. The KnowledgeBase covers all areas of currently-supported OMTI products.
  • Training videos and downloadable user guides are available in the Team RB section of our website.
  • Step-by-step instructions and more product information are available in the Idea Salad archives:

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Telephone, live chat, fax, email & remote support

Our support staff is available during our regular office hours to provide support in several ways. If you can’t find the answer you need in online support, call RB Support or connect with them via live chat on our website for a direct answer.

Sometimes, it’s easier to solve a problem by accessing your computer remotely. In those cases, RB Support will ask you to turn on OMTI Remote so they can view and control your computer while talking you through the solution. Remote access requires a browser that allows ActiveX Controls to be installed by RB Support.

In addition to phone calls, you can also communicate with RB Support via email,, or fax, 650-560-6550.

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Scheduled call-backs

You can make an appointment with OMTI Support for a time during support hours that is convenient to you for one of our support technicians to call you back to help resolve an RB issue or learn how to use RB better.

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Guaranteed response

If you call and leave a message, send an email or fax, OMTI’s guaranteed response time is 24 hours during our regular office hours.

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Update releases

Updates are versions of ReporterBase that add new features, fix bugs, and improve usability or performance. They are included free in RB9 support, automatically installed in RB9, and are designated by the current version number and a serial decimal number (i.e., ReporterBase 9, version 9.7145).

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Upgrade releases

Upgrades are major releases of ReporterBase and are designated by a new version number (i.e., ReporterBase 9). Upgrades are included free in RB9 contracts, but an upgrade service fee of $250 for converting data may be charged and payment due in full when invoiced. Upgrades to RB9 from RB8 Subscribe, RB8 Cloud, and RB8 purchased versions with a current support contract will not incur the upgrade fee.

Upgrade releases are not included in support plans for pre-RB8 purchased versions.

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RB XChange Job Exchange listing

To make it easier for RB users to find each other across the country and beyond, we maintain a free job exchange list containing each member’s location and contact information in the customer portal.

Included as an option in RB support. Eligible support plan clients who wish to participate must fill out and submit an application form (available through our customer portal), which specifically grants us the right to post their contact information in the RB XChange Job Exchange Group.

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For more information

If you would like more information about our services, please contact us.

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