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Top 10 Reasons to Use RB9

Wondering if the latest version of ReporterBase software is right for your court reporting, legal video, interpreting, or other legal support business? Consider these reasons to run your business on RB9.

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  1. Re-built for the future

    RB9 is the latest version of ReporterBase software for running your court reporting business. It has been re-built from the ground up with every function and process re-thought, re-designed, and re-programmed.

    ReporterBase has been a leader in business software for the court reporting industry for over 30 years; and with this new version, it’s positioned to run your business for decades more.

  2. Nothing to install

    ...on your computer or other devices because RB9 is browser based. Because it is SaaS (Software as a Service), you don’t install software, updates, or 3rd party plug-ins. RB9 resides in the cloud, and you access it through any major browser. It’s platform independent: You can use RB9 with any OS, even access it on a tablet.

  3. Maintenance-free

    RB9 is built on standard, proven technologies, including the Cloud, Internet, and PDF, for robust computing and worry-free results. As SaaS, there is no server to buy and no IT to hire. Instead, we maintain your RB9 software and database in the cloud.

  4. PDF/mobile transcripts

    Included in RB9 for no extra cost are 2 transcript creators:

    RB-PDF Transcripts: Format and produce transcripts (including condensed versions) in Adobe’s universal PDF format. Add linked exhibits and reporters’ digital signatures for no additional cost. More >

    Transcript Packages: Bundle transcripts with linked exhibits, video, PDF transcripts & other related files, so your clients can view, highlight and comment on transcripts and bundled files in browsers through RB Connect and on mobile devices through RB Connect Mobile. Your clients can also export different versions of the transcript, and download the associated files. More >

  5. High-level security

    Your data is more secure than on an in-house system. For example, RB9 doesn’t require open ports to transfer data like other applications. Your database is not exposed to the Internet. And since it’s on Microsoft Azure’s Cloud Services, it has security and privacy safeguards beyond what a single court reporting agency could provide.

    There are more security protocols built into RB9, including the ability to control each user’s access to data and file repositories with multiple permission levels, and best business practices for SaaS, like periodic password updates, so you and your clients can be assured that your data is safe.

  6. No more back-ups

    Your RB9 database resides on Microsoft Azure’s Cloud Services, where it is duplicated on multiple servers in real time. This is better than any backup system: If the active server should go down, another server takes over with no loss of data or downtime. Repository files are stored similarly, with duplicates of files stored in several different physical places.

  7. Streamlined scheduling & billing

    Scheduling and billing have always been the top reasons people use RB, and RB9 keeps those functions in focus with fast, flexible, and comprehensive workflows.

    Automated processes reduce the need to enter info manually, so you can do more with less errors. Information entered anywhere in the system — whether by a client requesting a depo through RB Connect or RB Connect Mobile, a reporter turning in a job online, or your staff entering client information in RB9 — automatically flows to where it’s needed.

    So information appears when it’s needed, such as a client’s retainer appears when billing so you can apply it. Plus RB9 prompts you to do certain tasks, like send notifications after scheduling a job, so nothing gets overlooked.

  8. Pay as you go

    RB9 is available by subscription only, so you pay month-to-month with automatic billing. You can add or subtract user licenses and plug-ins as needed, and cancel anytime with no further obligation.

    It’s easy to start with a minimum investment, scale up for a big case or because your company is growing, add services — like online case repositories to win a new client, and conversely, cancel excess user licenses or plug-ins when you no longer need them.

  9. Built-in repository

    Go paperless with RB9’s central repository. Store files in dedicated case, job, witness, firm, contact, resource, job location, and invoice repositories for quick retrieval.

    You can also give clients and reporters online access to their files through RB Connect and mobile access on their smartphones and other mobile devices through RB Connect Mobile. And if clients order some services, but not others, you can prevent them from accessing files they are not paying for. For example, copy clients who did not order copies of exhibits would be able to download only their transcripts.

  10. Built-in word processor

    RB9 includes its own word processor with mail merge, so you don’t need Word to manage forms, letters and other documents that use RB data. Form Templates include a complete set of fully editable documents, including Confirmation and Cancellation letters, and Job Assignment emails. Use them as is or edit to fit your business.

Want to try RB9 yourself?

If you are interested in trying out RB9 before making a commitment, we have an RB9 demo site you can explore. To access the site, contact OMTI Sales to request a user account.

Visit RB News for the latest info about all RB products. In Services, find in-depth information about RB9, RB9 plug-ins, RB9 updates, custom services, support, and pricing. Visit Team RB for RB manuals, training, free marketing materials, and more info for RB users.

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