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Sign RB-PDF Transcripts in RB9

ReporterBase Digital Signature Proxy (RB-DSP) lets you apply reporters’ digital signatures to their RB-PDF Transcripts through the normal production process. RB-DSP is a free way to apply digital signatures to electronic transcripts efficiently in-house while maintaining the integrity of the signature.

How it works

Reporters and RB court reporting firms can sign up for free at Reporters must also obtain their own individual digital signatures/IDs. Depending on which 3rd-party certificate authority they chose, they could incur costs, but we recommend reporters get a free digital ID from Sectigo. These free certificates are good for a year.

Reporters register their digital ID with and upload a scan of their handwritten signature to the site. They also designate which RB-using court reporting agencies they will permit to apply their signature to their RB-PDF transcripts.

After registering with, whenever a designated agency applies the reporter’s signature to a transcript, the usage is recorded in a log that the reporter can monitor on

For the court reporting agency, it couldn’t be easier: The production staff simply clicks a button on an RB-PDF transcript, then clicks on the transcript where they want the signature to appear. RB9 automatically knows which signature to apply and automatically records its use in both the agency’s and the reporter’s logs.

Agencies can apply the reporter’s signature multiple times to one transcript, plus apply their own agency digital signature.

For more info on digital signatures and how RB-DSP works, view the RB-DSP screencasts.

Getting started

To help your reporters purchase & set up their digital signatures on, share these Digital Signature Set-Up videos with your reporters. They can also find step-by-step instructions on

Sectigo digital IDs work in Firefox or IE browsers only.

A disclaimer

Due to the lack of legal precedent regarding the use of digital signatures, OMTI makes no claims as to the legality of RB-DSP (see’s Disclaimer of Warranties in Terms of Use). Instead, we believe it is a superior way to add reporters’ signatures to electronic transcripts:

  • It is automatic. A court reporting firm’s production department does not need to know reporters’ personal information, such as user IDs and passwords, to apply their signatures.
  • It is quick. Applying a signature is a two-click process — production staffers do not need to go to a third-party website or application, it is all within RB9’s PDF Transcripts function.
  • It is accurate. Production staff does not choose a reporter’s signature for a transcript; the correct signature is already tied to the transcript based on who turned in the job.
  • It is monitored. Anytime a signature is applied via RB-DSP, it is automatically logged in both the reporter’s and the agency’s usage log. Usage logs track when a signature was used, on which transcript and by which agency. Reporters can also choose to be automatically notified by email anytime their signature is used.

Another disclaimer

OMTI does not receive any sort of compensation or special treatment from Sectigo for using their digital ID verification. We use them because they are a trusted 3rd party and their digital IDs are easy to obtain and use.

And if you haven’t used RB-PDF transcripts yet, check out the latest version. In addition to digital signature proxies, it includes expanded customization options and improved condensed transcripts.

For more information on RB-DSP, please visit, view the screencasts, or contact OMTI Sales.

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