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What is RB9?

RB9 is the current version of ReporterBase business management software for running your court reporting or other legal support business. It has been re-built from the ground up with every function and process re-thought, re-designed, and re-programmed.

ReporterBase has been a leader in business software for the court reporting industry for over 35 years; and with this latest version, it’s positioned to run your business for decades more.


RB9 handles:

  • Shipping & deliveries
  • Receivables
  • Collections
  • Payables — including direct deposit payroll
  • Business tracking and forecasting, with a full range of reports from work load to cash flow to profitability

What’s inside RB9

RB9 includes everything most legal support firms need to manage their business.

RB9 handles your important business tasks...

such as billing and scheduling, in a flexible, interconnected environment that includes:

Read more details in the Modules section  

Modern interface

RB9 takes advantage of the latest technologies and follows the best business practices of your industry.

Some functional highlights:

  • Un-editable log-style notes  

    can be cancelled, but not edited or deleted, so you maintain a complete paper trail. Notes logs are searchable, and you can print or export search results to Excel.

  • Automatic alerts  

    for time-crucial information, such as job cancellations, and client-crucial information, such as outstanding retainers or collection reminders, display onscreen when received and also appear in the recipient’s Messages & Notifications function.

  • Interactive reports  

    give you an initial at-a-glance overview of information then quick access to more information if you want it in the same screen.

  • No re-keying: RB is an integrated system  

    Information is entered once — whether by your staff, reporters or clients — and flows where it’s needed automatically. For example, if a client requests a depo online, all of the information in their request automatically flows to your job calendar. Relevant information flows from there to your reporter worksheets, their schedules, their turn-in, RB-PDF Transcripts, invoices, and internal reports. Other information that accumulates along the way, such as billable services, also automatically flow where needed.

  • Color coded job status  

    Job Status is color coded so you can see at a glance in any list of jobs whether a job is new, in progress, billed, etc. You set up your own categories for job status and designate which color represents which status. The RB interface includes a dark mode viewing option users can choose and you can select different job status colors for dark mode for readability. If you have RB Connect, your clients and resources will also see job status colors.

  • Opens automatically to relevant section  

    RB is full of automated features to save time, but one that not only saves time, but reduces errors and makes training simpler is how it helps the user through everyday processes like scheduling and production by automatically taking them to the most important section first. For example, when entering a job into the calendar, RB opens the Lookup Firm pane because the first thing you should do is enter the firm and contact at the firm ordering the job.

  • Comprehensive system  

    Instead of a piecemeal solution of numerous applications from different suppliers, RB9 is a comprehensive system covering scheduling, billing, transcript production, financials, and more. You do not have to purchase & manage multiple applications. It includes a PDF transcript creator, digital signatures, interactive mobile transcripts bundled with case files, online case repositories, mobile access, E-commerce, and a word processor with mail merge, so you can do more in one application.

    And because RB is cloud based, you do not have to buy and maintain your own server, repository storage, or backup system.

Turn-key system

RB9 comes with built-in defaults so you don’t have to start from scratch. RB9’s defaults incorporate business logic and best practices for legal support firms derived from our decades of developing software for this industry. You can add, delete, or edit defaults, such as services offered, so you can tailor it to your business and the specific services you offer.


You log into RB9 through a browser. This means:

  • No installation process
  • No in-house server to buy or maintain 
  • No need for IT
  • No updates to install
  • No backup process
  • Access through any major browser
  • Use on a Mac or PC
  • Use on a tablet or smartphone (some features may not work)
  • Work anywhere, including borrowing someone else’s computer (nothing to install!)


From a one-person shop to a company with offices nationwide, RB9 handles your business and can grow with you. And since you pay for it on a month-to-month basis, you can control your overhead expenses.

RB9 is hosted in the cloud, eliminating the need for your own server, data storage, and IT staff.

Add optional plug-ins to extend RB9's functionality, such as online offices so clients can check current order status, order records, download files, and pay invoices over the internet.

Only need scheduling & billing software?

Check out the new RB Lite, which only includes RB9 essential functions.

Subscribe to RB9

RB9 is a SaaS(Software as a Service) Cloud platform and is available by subscription only.

For as little as $250/month, you get a full office management system. Add or subtract user licenses, extra repository storage, and optional plug-ins as needed, cancel anytime without further financial obligation.

RB9 is backed by an unconditional, 30-day, money-back guarantee, so you can try it risk-free.

Want to know more?

Download the RB9 fact sheet Downloadable PDF file for more information, or contact OMTI Sales.