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What’s inside RB9

RB9 handles your important business tasks, such as billing and scheduling, in a flexible, interconnected environment that includes mobile and PDF transcripts, instant text message job notifications and email job confirmations. It includes a central repository, so you no longer have to keep hard copies of important information. Plus it handles deliveries, receivables, collections, payables — including direct deposit payroll — and business tracking and forecasting, with a full range of reports from work load to cash flow to profitability.

RB9 comes with everything most legal support firms need to manage their business built in. It is a turn-key system, but customizable so you can tailor it to your business and the specific services you offer.

The RB9 system is scalable: From a one-person shop to a company with offices around the country, RB9 handles your business and can grow with you. And since you pay for it on a month-to-month basis, you can control your overhead expenses.

RB9 is hosted in the cloud, eliminating the need for your own server, data storage, and IT staff.

You can also add optional plug-ins to extend RB9's functionality, such as online offices so clients can check current order status, order records, download files and pay invoices over the Internet.

Modules in RB9:


  • Handle your daily scheduling, notifying and confirming tasks.
  • Update, confirm and cancel jobs.
  • Assign, notify and confirm reporters and other resources.
  • Track and analyze jobs.
  • Notify clients when requests are received.
  • Send clients and resources their job calendars, which they can import into their Outlook calendars.
  • Import client requests from RB Connect.
  • Upload case- and job-level files to the repository.
  • Send reporters and other resources overdue tasks reminders.


  • Turn in jobs.
  • Create PDF transcripts (including condensed versions) & apply digital signatures.
  • Fulfill client requests.
  • Prepare jobs for billing.
  • Archive all documents by case, job, witness, resource, firm, invoice or general filing.
  • Grant clients and resources access to files and invoices online through RB Connect.
  • Generate labels and form letters.
  • Track UPS & FedEx shipments. Search for shipments.
  • Track production items as they progress through your company.


  • Print, post, and send invoices, including COD invoices.
  • Export invoices in LEDES 98B format for clients who require electronic billing.


  • Instantly locate information about jobs, invoices, clients, resources, witnesses, payments and transcripts.
  • Analyze aspects of your business, such as clients’ billing activity and reporter billing and pay amounts.
  • Run month-, quarter- and year-to-date totals.


  • Credit and track client payments.
  • Assess finance charges, print monthly reports, and monitor collection efforts.
  • Apply retainers.
  • Track and manage overdue invoices.


  • Perform payroll tasks.
  • Generate forms and reports pertaining to payroll, including 1099s.
  • Cut payroll checks, direct deposit paychecks, or export payroll to QuickBooks.
  • Reward clients with points like airline loyalty programs.


  • Manage client firms, contacts at firms, reporters and other resources, locations, and your company’s business units (profit centers, branches, or other areas of your business that you want to track separately).
  • View individual entity’s financial and job trends in line graphs.


  • Set up and maintain your company, job location, client and resource (reporters, videographers, interpreters, etc.) information.
  • Customize menus, invoice headers and messages, transcript preferences, and miscellaneous system preferences.
  • Set up users and group them according to their access levels and job functions.


  • Handle requests made online through RB Connect.
  • Publish COD invoices in RB Connect for online payment.
  • Create interactive mobile transcripts and bundle them with exhibits, PDF transcripts, video and other files in Transcript Packages.
  • Create searchable indexes of files for clients to use online.
  • Track RB Connect activity by clients.


  • Analyze your business’s productivity, profitability and other relevant data.


  • Import firm, contacts, and resources from other applications.
  • Update multiple database entries at once.
  • Use tags to organize entities, then email or print labels for tagged groups.
  • Create and manage label templates.
  • Create forms and letters.
  • Search for notes systemwide.
  • Track repository downloads.
  • Perform custom searches of your RB data­base.
  • Import invoices, paychecks and payment transactions into QuickBooks.


  • Look up information in the interactive RB9 User Guide.
  • Access online support, including live chat.
  • View online training.
  • Add your suggestions for RB9 improvements in the Idea Collaborator.

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Turn-key system for legal support firms

RB9 comes with built-in defaults so you don’t have to start from scratch defining common items. RB9’s built-in defaults incorporate business logic and best practices for legal support firms derived from our 30+ years of developing software for this industry. You can add to, delete from, or edit defaults, such as services offered, to customize RB9 to your unique business needs.

A system that grows to fit any size office

The basic RB9 system includes the software and database, plus one Named User License. Add more user licenses as needed on a month-to-month basis.

Basic RB9 office management package includes:

  • RB9 Server, which installs on the server in the cloud on Microsoft Azure’s Cloud Services. The RB9 Server contains your RB database of clients, resources, jobs, etc.1
  • RB9 Client, which accesses your database on the RB9 Server through a browser.2
  • Annual software maintenance & support contract.
  1. Each server requires a separate RB Server license.
  2. Each user who accesses the RB Server requires a separate Named User License. Additional user licenses can be added or subtracted on a monthly basis for an additional fee.

Subcribe to RB9

RB9 is available by subscription only.

For as little as $250/month, you get a full office management system. Optional plug-ins provide additional capacity, such as online offices for your clients. Add or subtract user licenses and plug-ins as needed, cancel anytime.

RB9 is backed by an unconditional, 30-day, money-back guarantee, so you can try it risk-free.

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