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Clients buy transcripts, pay invoices – even COD – online

The e-commerce feature in RB Connect is an easy, practical way for clients to pay for your services online.

  • Clients can pay invoices online.
  • You can publish COD invoices online & control access to transcripts, so clients pay online, then download transcripts.

Online payments are easy for your clients

Clients can look up, download, and pay invoices individually — or pay a group of invoices at once. If you email invoices, your clients can click a link in an invoice email to pay online.

They pay the current amount of the invoice, including all finance charges and late fees, and payments are processed in the background via PayPal or a payment gateway like Square or Stripe. They stay in your RB Connect site instead of being redirected to a 3rd-party site.

RB invoices can be created using the popular LEDES 1998B format, the standard used by your attorney clients for their corporate clients, so your clients will be more inclined to use your e-commerce system.

e-commerce in RB Connect

Online payments increase your ability to collect payments from copy clients & COD clients

Attorneys of Record and other attending attorneys who are not your regular clients can buy transcripts online in your RB Connect. After payment, they can download the transcript immediately.

You choose which COD invoices to publish on the web. COD clients get an automatic email from RB9 which they can click to go to your site and pay their invoices online. RB9 notifies you when it automatically posts COD invoices and when it receives payment from your online payment processing service.

Online payments automatically pay you

You receive automatic notification of payment, plus any processing fees, via RB9’s Notifications and Messages function. RB9 automatically generates the credit card transaction in the Payments module — no manual entry. Your online payment processing service handles the rest. For example, PayPal deposits the payment (minus their processing fee) into your PayPal merchant account.

E-commerce is included free in RB Connect.

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