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RB is there for you

No other service provider for court reporting firms offers as comprehensive a list of targeted products and services for the litigation support industry. RB business software is used by 100s of court reporting & other legal support firms in the U.S. & Canada to manage & market their businesses. ReporterBase has been supporting businesses like yours for over 35 years.


Top 9 reasons why ReporterBase is the #1 choice among your competitors:

  1. We are not in the court reporting business, so we do not compete with our clients.  

    As the oldest and largest provider of court reporting management systems, OMTI understands that our clients’ business health and success ensure our success. Unlike some of our competitors, we have never competed with our clients for court reporting clients or reporters.

  2. No re-keying: RB is an integrated system.  

    Information is entered once — whether by your staff, reporters or clients — and flows where it’s needed automatically. For example, if a client requests a depo online, all of the information in their request automatically flows to your job calendar. Relevant information flows from there to your reporter worksheets, their schedules, their turn-in, RB-PDF Transcripts, invoices, and internal reports. Other information that accumulates along the way, such as billable services, also automatically flow where needed.

  3. You upload files to Microsoft’s cloud platform, not OMTI’s servers, so your information remains confidential.  

    You maintain control of your files. We do not host files on our own servers. Instead, your files reside on Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. Your client/case/job info remains confidential. (More RB security info)

  4. You do not give us your client list to offer online or mobile services.  

    When other vendors host your files on their servers, they require the contact information for your clients to grant them access to your files. They are amassing a database of your clients and your competitors’ clients for free with no restrictions on how they use that information.

  5. No proprietary transcript reader your clients have to install and learn.  

    Instead, your clients use Adobe Acrobat to read RB-PDF Transcripts — software, which they can download for free if they don't already use it for other PDF legal documents.

    And if you have RB Connect, you can also provide Transcript Packages online, which give your clients interactive transcripts with hyperlinked exhibits, video, and other files, which they can customize and export in various formats.

    Add RB Connect Mobile to your RB9 system, and your clients can easily work with their Transcript Packages on their iPhones or other mobile devices.

  6. Free digital signatures and a free digital signature proxy service.  

    You and your reporters can digitally sign RB-PDF Transcripts for no cost with ReporterBase Digital Signature Proxy (RB-DSP). (Not available with RB Lite.)

  7. RB9 is a comprehensive system. You do not have to purchase and manage multiple applications.  

    Instead of a piecemeal solution of numerous applications from different suppliers, RB9 is a comprehensive system covering scheduling, billing, transcript production, financials, and more. It includes a PDF transcript creator, digital signatures, interactive mobile transcripts bundled with case files, online case repositories, mobile access, E-commerce, and a word processor with mail merge, so you can do more in one application.

    And because RB is cloud based, you do not have to buy and maintain your own server, repository storage, or backup system.

  8. New features are always being added.  

    We develop new capabilities in RB based on our users’s requests, research into industry trends, and technological advances.

  9. RB is the industry standard, and lawyers ask for RB services by name.  

    Maybe you are looking into ReporterBase because you have heard of RB Web from potential clients? Many of our clients have found us based on recommendations from other people in the legal industry.

Interested in ReporterBase?

Contact OMTI Sales for more info, or visit the Downloads page to access factsheets about RB products and services.