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Costs & benefits of RB9

OMTI offers RB office management systems and online services on a subscription basis. You can add or cancel user licenses & plug-ins anytime on a monthly basis, so you only pay for what you need.

For example, if you have a big case that requires an online repository, you can add RB Connect for the repository and more RB9 Named User Licenses to cover the extra help you hire to handle managing the case. When the case is settled and you don't need the extra capacity, you can cancel both RB Connect and the extra user licenses and not be stuck with extra capacity (and excess overhead) you don’t need.


Some cost-saving benefits of RB9

ReporterBase system & options costs

Whatever combination you choose, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee on RB9 and RB Connect.

Subscriptions are paid by automatic credit card payments only.

Service Cost
RB9 Legal Support Management Software $250/month for one user1
Additional user licenses2 $60/month for each additional user
Repository storage3 100GB included
$50/month to increase storage to 500GB, then$50/month additionally for each additional 500GB
Support plan included
Optional Services
Data Reader plug-in $60/month per workstation, up to 3 stations, or $200/month per IP, no limit on # of workstations
RB Connect plug-in $220/month per URL
RB Connect Mobile plug-in4 $100/month
Full-Text Search plug-in4 $50/month per 10GB
Custom programming Starts at $2,000 per report + 15% annual maintenance fee
  1. If you are not on an RB support plan, you will be charged a $250 installation.
  2. You need a user license for each user of your RB9 system. See Named User License for detailed explanation.
  3. 100GB of cloud storage is included in the monthly system fee. You can add more storage as needed. For $50/month, you can increase your RB cloud storage to 500GB. Additional storage is available above 500GB for an additional $50/month per 500GB.
  4. Plug-in requires RB Connect.

RB8 Subscribe and RB8 Cloud are no longer available for new subscriptions. For RB8 prices for services for existing RB8 subscribers, visit Idea Salad.

Need more info?

Download the RB9 pricing guide download PDF or contact RB Sales.