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Costs & benefits of RB systems & services

OMTI offers RB office management systems and online services on a subscription basis. You can add or cancel user licenses & plug-ins anytime on a monthly basis, so you only pay for what you need.

For example, if you have a big case that requires an online repository, you can add RB Connect to your RB9 system for the repository and more RB Named User Licenses to cover the extra help you hire to handle managing the case. When the case is settled and you don't need the extra capacity, you can cancel both RB Connect and the extra user licenses and not be stuck with extra capacity (and excess overhead) you don’t need.

And if you don’t need everything RB9 has to offer, you can subscribe to RB Lite for a dedicated scheduling and billing system for court reporting agencies and other businesses that provide services for depositions. You can even switch between RB9 and RB Lite as needed with no loss of data.


Some cost-saving benefits of RB9 & RB Lite

  • Run your business for a low monthly price  

    The basic RB office management system includes the RB Server, which contains your RB database, and one Named User License. You can add or subtract users each month, switch between services, and cancel anytime.

  • Free consulting  

    We offer free consulting to help you decide what will work best for your business and how to implement it.

  • Free training & support  

    Most RB training is free, including the initial 3 one-to-one remote training sessions covering set-up and basics. We also offer free training videos, tutorials, and downloadable manuals on our website. Custom training and consultation are available for additional fees.

    Support and product upgrades are included in RB subscriptions.

  • No server expenses  

    Because your RB server resides in the cloud, you don’t need any server hardware, software, or IT staff.

  • Repository & better-than-backup system included  

    Another benefit of having your RB server in the cloud is that you don’t need your own file storage or backup system. A 100GB repository is included with the ability to add more storage space as needed. And the Azure platform includes high availability and redundancy processes, which means your RB data is duplicated on multiple servers in real time. If the active server should go down, another server takes over with no loss of data.

    This is better than a back-up system, which only saves data up to a specific point in time, so any data entered since the last back-up is lost if something happens to the primary server. With RB, the most you will have to do is re-log in and keep working.

  • Extend RB9 with plug-ins & custom programming  

    You don’t have to create your own management software from scratch. Or piecemeal together different programs because if the basic RB9 system doesn’t have what you need:

    1. You can add services to your RB9 system with optional plug-ins:
      • Data Reader lets you create your own custom reports from RB9.
      • RB Connect gives clients, resources and others convenient, secure access to your RB office online, including their calendar, transcripts, and case repositories.
      • RB Connect Mobile gives your clients the same information as on RB Connect, but in a format optimized for smartphones and other mobile devices, which is where many people now access the web.
      • Full-Text Search gives clients the ability to search for specific text in their RB Connect repositories and Transcript Packages and get results in seconds.
    2. We also provide custom programming:

      So you can get reports from your RB database with just the information you want exactly how you want it.

    (Plug-ins and custom programming are not available with RB Lite.)

ReporterBase system & options costs

Whatever set-up you choose, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee on RB9, RB Connect, and RB Lite.

Subscriptions are paid by automatic credit card payments only.

Service RB9 RB Lite
RB Server & 1 user license1 $250/month $150/month
Additional user licenses2 $70/month for each additional user $50/month for each additional user
Repository storage3 100GB included 100GB included
Support plan included included
Optional Service RB9 RB Lite
Data Reader plug-in $60/month per workstation, or $200/month per IP, no limit on # of workstations N/A
RB Connect plug-in $220/month per URL N/A
RB Connect Mobile plug-in4 $100/month N/A
Full-Text Search plug-in4 $50/month per 10GB N/A
Custom programming Starts at $2,000 per report + 15% annual maintenance fee N/A
  1. RB8 clients who upgrade to RB9 will be charged a $500 installation and data conversion fee. RB7 clients who upgrade to RB9 will be charged a $1,000 installation and data conversion fee.
  2. You need a user license for each user of your RB system. See Named User License for detailed explanation.
  3. 100GB of cloud storage is included in the monthly system fee. You can add more storage as needed. For $50/month, you can increase your RB cloud storage to 500GB. Additional storage is available above 500GB for an additional $50/month per 500GB.
  4. Plug-in requires RB Connect.

RB8 Subscribe and RB8 Cloud are no longer available for new subscriptions. For RB8 prices for services for existing RB8 subscribers, visit Idea Salad.

Need more info?

Download the RB9 pricing guide download PDF or contact OMTI Sales.