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ReporterBase (RB) is a complete system for managing and marketing your court reporting, videography, interpreting or other legal support business. The RB system scales up or down to fit your needs, while eliminating a lot of the overhead involved in running a court reporting agency, such as hardware, software, and IT.

The RB system includes:

  1. ReporterBase 9 (RB9) office management software
    • This SaaS (Software as a Service) is the basic office management system that includes:
    • RB9 resides in the cloud and is accessible via a browser on your computer or other device.
    • Can apply reporters’ digital signatures securely to RB-PDF transcripts.
    • Options listed below all require RB9 to operate. Some also require RB Connect.
  2. Data Reader (optional)
    • This optional plug-in to RB9 lets you create your own custom reports with your RB data.
    • You can also use your RB data in other applications.
    • Requires RB9 to operate.
  3. RB Connect online offices (optional)
    • This optional plug-in to RB9 includes online offices for your clients, reporters, and other resources, where they can view their calendars, upload and download case and job files, and contact your office. In addition, clients can make requests, view and pay their invoices, order transcripts, and work with interactive transcripts online.
    • For lawyers, third parties (such as insurance agencies), court reporters, and other resources.
    • Gives online access to transcripts, case files, schedule, invoices, driving directions, and more.
    • Allows clients to pay invoices, including COD, and make depo requests online.
    • Provides reporters with online turn-in and downloadable pay statements.
    • Requires RB9 to operate.
  4. RB Connect Mobile (optional)
    • This optional plug-in to RB Connect makes RB Connect work like a web app, so information is legible and easily accessible on smart phones and other mobile devices.
    • For lawyers, third parties (such as insurance agencies), court reporters, and other resources.
    • Gives users mobile access to their RB Connect office.
    • Requires RB Connect & RB9 to operate.
  5. Repository Full-Text Search (optional)
    • Give clients ability to search file indexes for quicker text searches of repository files.
    • Requires RB Connect & RB9 to operate.

In addition:

  1. Regular updates ensure that your system operates at an optimum level and include new features to take advantage of technology relevant to your industry.
  2. Custom programming of reports extend the RB system to met your company’s unique business needs.
  3. Basic support & training provide a base for your staff to be productive with RB from day 1.
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