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Setup module training videos

To go to a specific video in this playlist, click playlist button in the upper right corner of the video, then scroll through the list. Click a video in the list to play it.

To close the list, click close list button in the upper right corner of the list or click on the visible part of the video.

To hide controls, move your cursor off the video. They will reappear when you move your cursor over the video again.

Topics covered in these videos:

  1. Lists | Editing Drop-Down Menus
  2. Users & Groups | Creating user accounts
  3. Users & Groups | Creating Security Groups
  4. Users & Groups | Inactivating user accounts
  5. Chart of Accounts | Creating new accounts
  6. Service Item Master
  7. Service Item Subgroups
  8. Rush Type Master | Creating new rush types
  9. Billing Rates | Creating new billing rates
  10. Service Item Master | Using Mass Update
  11. Pay Rates | Creating new pay rates
  12. Billing Sets | Creating billing sets
  13. Pay Dates | Setting up pay dates
  14. Invoice Headers | Creating new invoice headers
  15. Invoice Messages | Creating new
  16. PDF Transcript Preferences | Creating new transcript preferences
  17. Link Exhibits Patterns | Creating new link exhibits patterns
  18. System Preferences | General
  19. System Preferences | Calendar
  20. System Preferences | Production
  21. System Preferences | Billing
  22. System Preferences | Receivables
  23. System Preferences | Payables
  24. System Preferences | Entities
  25. System Preferences | Tools

Unable to view videos?

If you have trouble viewing these videos, access them on YouTube. And visit OMTI's YouTube channel to view all RB training videos, plus Team RB conference videos, quick video tips, and more.