MR8 Cloud

DIY custom reports from the cloud

August 23, 2018: OMTI has developed a plug-in for MR8 Cloud users who want to create their own custom reports using their MR data in 3rd-party applications. The Data Reader plug-in provides a dedicated connection from a company’s registered device(s) to their MR database in the cloud so they can use their MR information in their own custom reports or other applications. Visit the MR plug-in page for more information.

Client testimonial

Moving to MR8 Cloud: ‘a no-brainer’

(While this is a story about RB8 Cloud, we think MR clients will appreciate a user's perspective about moving to the cloud.)

November 15, 2016: Christine Phipps, owner of Phipps Reporting Inc., recently switched to RB8 Cloud with a little nudge from a big hurricane named Matthew. She shared her story to help other RB users disaster-proof their businesses:

Phipps Reporting has been on RB8 for 6 years, during which time it became one of the biggest firms in Florida. When it came time to get a new server, Christine considered RB8 Cloud instead, which eliminates the need for a new server, but she was concerned about the financial impact:

"We have offices across Florida, and we have our data in-house. I knew that as we had more data in the cloud, RB would charge us more."

She ultimately decided to switch to RB8 Cloud because it would be more cost-effective than a new server. However, before she could sign the contract, Hurricane Matthew hit.

“Because of the hurricane, we had to close the office. I paid all my employees to stay home Friday. If we had RB8 Cloud, I would have been operational that Friday – I would have been operational serving clients during the hurricane.”

OMTI switched Phipps Reporting over to RB8 Cloud that weekend. Christine and her IT technician are both happy to be on the cloud with no more server worries or expense, plus the peace of mind that RB8 Cloud represents: 99.95% uptime and no loss of data.

Christine is convinced RB8 Cloud is the best system for running her business — or any court reporting business, so she asked us to share her story. “Luckily for us with hurricanes, we have 4-5 days warning; but in places like Tornado Alley, or where there are volcanoes, earthquakes – moving to RB8 Cloud should be a no-brainer.”

To find out more, read the full story.

MR8 Cloud

New MR8 eliminates a lot of overhead

June 1, 2016: Streamline your office with the latest version of your MetaRecords system: MR8 Cloud. It's the same system as you already use, but we move you to the cloud, so it eliminates the need for your own server, repository storage, backup system, and the IT staff to support it.

Get the details >

Team MR

1st-ever MetaRecords user conference showcased MR updates

Over 50 MR users joined OMTI, Feb. 25, 2016, for our first-ever Team MR conference. The free online conference featured demonstrations and explanations of new features in MR8 and MR Web 8 updates, which were released the same day after the conference.

New features for MR8 and MR Web were developed based on user suggestions in the Idea Collaborator. These are the first MR updates to come out of the Idea Collaborator, and our first Team MR conference to explain MR updates.

Ted Yoo, OMTI's Technical Support Manager, explained and demonstrated how to use the Idea Collaborator and encouraged attendees to use this valuable tool for improving MR products and services. He also explained the concept of MR Cloud to see if attendees would be interested in OMTI developing something similar to our popular new RB8 Cloud for their industry.

Jason Yee, OMTI's Client Support Manager, covered the 2016 MR8 & MR Web updates, explaining what has changed and demonstrating some of the new features so users could start using them immediately and get the most out of them.

Conference video

If you were unable to attend the conference or just want to refresh your memory about the event, we posted a video.

Updated user guide

MR8 users can download the latest MR8 user guide that includes instructions for the latest update presented at the conference.

Website security

To improve security, OMTI upgraded SSL certificates

11/24/14: MR Web subscriptions are now encrypted with the SHA256 certificate, which is endorsed by all of the leading web browsers and certificate authorities. The SHA256 certificate is more secure than the previous certificate, SHA1, which is no longer trusted by all web browsers so it had to be replaced.

Customer Portal

Use our ‘online offices’ for managing your OMTI accounts

Like MR Web online offices, OMTI has added online access for our clients to our system. You can use your online office to get copies of invoices, manage subscriptions and more.

Updated 10/24/14: Now you can download MR client installation zip files and other files from our customer portal.

You decide who can access your office and at what level

We have integrated an automated billing system into it. The system automatically bills your credit card and sends notices to the user(s) you designate, such as your accounting department. These designated users can also use your online office to search, download, and print invoices, and add, update or change which credit card to use for each product you subscribe to.

Users that you designate as Admin-level can enter new users, restrict users’ access, and update company information in your online office.

Your entire staff can use your online office

The rest of your staff who use OMTI products can access other areas of your online office, such as the Idea Collaborator, where users can post suggestions for new features in OMTI products, and vote on other users’ suggestions.

All users have an online training calendar so they can check their schedule for learning OMTI products.

Users can manage their support tickets here too.

This is also the place where you can find the OMTI KnowledgeBase. The KnowledgeBase is where you can look up information about your OMTI products, such as what was updated, added or fixed in MR8 and MR Web and when.

To access your OMTI online office, click Sign In in the navigation area above. You can also go to the site directly at

Here’s everything you can do in your online office

Broken down by area, this list includes everything currently featured in our customer portal. Depending on a person’s individual access level, every feature might not be visible and/or accessible.


  • View which products you currently license from OMTI, plus any plug-ins you subscribe to and any custom programming we have added to your products.
  • Request additional user licenses. If you subscribe to MR, you can also send requests to reduce the number of licenses you hold.
  • Renew annual maintenance contracts. (For purchased products only.)
  • See other plug-ins you could add to your products.
  • Change which credit card is used for automatic payments (if user has appropriate accounting-level access).


(Restricted accounting area)

  • View outstanding and paid invoices, including payment details.
  • Download invoices.


  • Look up articles, such as product version changes and feature how-to’s, by product.
  • Print or email individual articles.
  • Rate individual articles’ content.

Idea Collaborator

  • Submit feature ideas for future version of OMTI products.
  • View and comment on other users’ feature suggestions.
  • Vote for ideas you want to see incorporated.

Support Tickets

  • View status of outstanding support issues.
  • Comment on outstanding support issues.
  • Create new support tickets.
  • Search for resolved or unresolved support tickets.
  • Follow history of support issues.
  • Reinstate a resolved ticket to make the issue active again.

Organization & Users

  • Update credit card information for automatic subscription payments. (Restricted to Accounting and/or Receive Billing Statement access levels.)
  • Update company address(es) and phone numbers. (Restricted to Admin users only.)
  • Update your company’s OMTI product users’ contact info, preferences and access levels.
  • Change users’ passwords.
  • Add new users.


  • View your OMTI Product Training schedule.
  • Cancel training sessions.
  • Download client installation zip files and other files from OMTI support.
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