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RB9 is here

November 2018: The wait for the next generation of legal support business management software is over. OMTI is pleased to announce that RB9, the next major upgrade of ReporterBase, is available now. This new version has been completely redesigned with new features and improvements that incorporate user suggestions.

Browser based

RB9 uses new technologies that improve workflow, security, and efficiency while eliminating a lot of the overhead involved in managing your court reporting or other legal support business. It is browser based, which means no more server hardware and software to purchase, maintain, and upgrade. This also eliminates the need for IT to handle these functions. RB9, like RB8 Cloud, is housed in the cloud on Microsoft Azure’s Cloud Services. Microsoft guarantees a 99.9% uptime, and more than 66% of Fortune 500 companies rely on Azure.


Browser based also means that RB9 users are not restricted to a particular platform or browser. RB9 will work on Macs and PCs, plus tablets; and in all major browsers.

Subscription only

Instead of coming up with a large lump sum upfront for software and user licenses, then paying for annual software maintenance, users will pay for RB9 by monthly subscription only. This eliminates a significant barrier to using RB9: software expenses are part of regular overhead expenses, and users can add or subtract user licenses as needed, even cancel the entire program if needed without further financial obligation.

What’s inside

RB9 has the same modules as RB8 — such as Calendar, Production, and Billing — with many of the same functions. However, every module and function has been rethought and restructured to work better incorporating new technology and more flexible, streamlined workflows.

Visit the RB9 product section for more information on this new version of ReporterBase, the business management software with the largest installed base in legal support businesses.

2018 Team RB user conference

First Look: RB9

The Team RB user conference, held Oct. 24, 2018, was attended by over 300 RB users who got the first look at RB9, the new version of ReporterBase software.

View the entire conference video playlist on YouTube.

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