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More reasons to use RB9

Whatever system you are using to run your litigation support business — whether it’s a third-party system, a custom program developed for your company only, or a mix of manual calendar and off-the-shelf software — there’s a better solution: RB.

In addition to the Top 9 Reasons to use RB9, consider these too:

RB9 is latest Reporterbase version

Calendar & Scheduling

Production & Billing

  • Enter attorneys and services with one click  

    Instead of entering attorneys or services one at a time to invoices, add an entire group at once.

  • Handles FedEx & UPS  

    Print shipping labels and track shipping information from inside RB9. Search for shipments using various criteria, like job number, to quickly locate a shipment to track or to create a new shipment with the same job, case, and invoice information.

  • Autofill address fields  

    Zip code database from the U.S. Postal Service automatically populates city, state and country fields.

  • Uniform list of services  

    customizable to your unique business offerings, mean clients’ online requests, reporters’ job turn-ins (both through RB Connect) and in-house production and billing are all consistent.

  • Retainer tracking  

    If a client has a retainer, it automatically appears when billing that client so you can apply it.

  • Collections tools  

    including reports, form emails and letters, follow-up alerts, collections note log, and the ability to call up and email copies of disputed or unpaid bills from the central repository, make your collection efforts more efficient.

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Client Management


Reports & Tools

  • Create your own reports  

    Use QueryMaker to create simple custom reports in RB9 or add the optional Data Reader plug-in for more complex reports and to use your RB9 data in other applications.

  • Use RB9 data in QuickBooks  

    Import contacts, resources, invoices, paychecks, payments, and other transactions from RB9 directly into QuickBooks.

  • Un-editable log-style notes  

    can be cancelled, but not edited or deleted, so you maintain a complete paper trail. Notes logs are searchable, and you can print or export search results to Excel.

  • Automatic alerts  

    for time-crucial information, such as job cancellations, and client-crucial information, such as outstanding retainers or collection reminders, display onscreen when received and also appear in the recipient’s Messages & Notifications function.

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