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More reasons to use RB9

Whatever system you are using to run your litigation support business — whether it’s a third-party system, a custom program developed for your company only, or a mix of manual calendar and off-the-shelf software — there’s a better solution: RB.

In addition to the Top 9 Reasons to use RB9, consider these too:

RB9 is latest Reporterbase version

Calendar & Scheduling

  • Case-level information shared to jobs  

    All jobs linked to the same case automatically share common information, such as the parties to the case and services they requested.

  • Location database  

    Select job locations your reporters visit regularly from a database instead of re-keying location information each time. Automatically include driving directions in reporter worksheets. Also search for jobs by location name, city or state.

  • Comprehensive job information  

    Schedule a job with the bare minimum of information (ordering client, date, and time). Or include as many layers of details as you have: scheduling client, notes about the client and job, witness information, associated case, job location information, your sales rep, job parties, specialties required, tasks requested, files provided by the client like notices, and more. Even set yourself reminders about things you need to do or follow up on in regards to the job.

  • Pre-assign jobs to resources, assign at the last minute, or anytime inbetween  

    You can assign reporters and other resources as soon as you receive a job request, assign them after a client has confirmed a job for the next day, or send out an email/text message blast to available resources for a last-minute job.

  • Give each resource their own prioritized To-Do list of outstanding tasks  

    The Send Overdue Tasks Report lists overdue tasks chronologically by due date, and includes basic information like the job, client, and task due.

  • Calendar-level management tools  

    Generate reports on daily calendar settings and cancellations, your best and worst clients based on calendar settings/cancellations, how busy your reporters and other resources are, what work is still outstanding, and who is working on what jobs.

  • Flexible multi-job scheduling  

    ...using a wizard with date ranges, days-of-the-week and time options for repeating events.

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Production & Billing

Client Management


Reports & Tools

  • Create your own reports  

    Use QueryMaker to create simple custom reports in RB9 or add the optional Data Reader plug-in for more complex reports and to use your RB9 data in other applications.

  • Use RB9 data in QuickBooks  

    Import contacts, resources, invoices, paychecks, payments, and other transactions from RB9 directly into QuickBooks.

  • Un-editable log-style notes  

    can be cancelled, but not edited or deleted, so you maintain a complete paper trail. Notes logs are searchable, and you can print or export search results to Excel.

  • Automatic alerts  

    for time-crucial information, such as job cancellations, and client-crucial information, such as outstanding retainers or collection reminders, display onscreen when received and also appear in the recipient’s Messages & Notifications function.

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