Manage your OMTI accounts in our ‘online offices’

Like RB Connect or MR Web online offices, OMTI has added online access for our clients to our system. Log in to your online office to get copies of invoices, manage subscriptions and more.

To access your OMTI online office, click Sign In in the navigation area above. You can also go to the site directly at:

Don’t know/forgot your password?

If you don’t know your log-in password, click Forgot Password on the sign-in screen. The system will email you reset instructions. For security reasons, Forgot Password can be used only once within 24 hours.

Your email must already be included in your company’s Users list in the customer portal for Forget Password to work.

You decide who can access your office and at what level

We have integrated an automated billing system into it. The system automatically bills your credit card and sends notices to the user(s) you designate, such as your accounting department. These designated users can also use your online office to download, print, and pay invoices, and add, update or change which credit card to use for each product you subscribe to.

Users that you designate as Admin-level can enter new users, restrict users’ access, and update company information in your online office.

Your entire staff can use your online office

The rest of your staff who use OMTI products can access other areas of your online office, such as the Idea Collaborator, where users can post suggestions for new features in OMTI products, and vote on other users’ suggestions.

All users have an online training calendar so they can check their schedule for learning OMTI products.

Users can manage their support tickets here too.

This is also the place where you can find RBXchange and the OMTI KnowledgeBase:

  • RBXchange is the free RB job exchange network where you can find other RB users across the US and Canada to exchange jobs with.
  • The KnowledgeBase is where you can look up information about your OMTI products, such as what was updated, added or fixed in RB9 and RB Connect and when.

Here’s everything you can do in your online office

Broken down by area, this list includes everything currently featured in our customer portal. Depending on your access level, every feature might not be visible and/or accessible.


  • View which products you currently license from OMTI, plus any plug-ins you subscribe to and any custom programming we have added to your products.
  • Request additional user licenses. If you subscribe to RB or MR, you can also send requests to reduce the number of licenses you hold.
  • Download RB8 & MR8 client installation zip files and other files from our customer portal.
  • Renew annual maintenance contracts. (For purchased products only.)
  • See other plug-ins you could add to your products.
  • Update/change your credit card information for automatic payments (if user has appropriate accounting-level access).


(Restricted accounting area)

  • View outstanding and paid invoices, including payment details.
  • Download invoices.
  • Users can pay outstanding invoices. (This function is only available when invoice is outstanding.)


  • Look up articles, such as product version changes and feature how-to’s, by product.
  • Print or email individual articles.
  • Rate individual articles’ content.

Idea Collaborator

  • Submit feature ideas for future version of OMTI products.
  • View and comment on other users’ feature suggestions.
  • Vote for ideas you want to see incorporated.

Support Tickets

  • View status of outstanding support issues.
  • Comment on outstanding support issues.
  • Create new support tickets.
  • Search for resolved or unresolved support tickets.
  • Follow history of support issues.
  • Reinstate a resolved ticket to make the issue active again.

Organization & Users

  • Update credit card information for automatic subscription payments. (Restricted to Accounting and/or Receive Billing Statement access levels.)
  • Update company address(es) and phone numbers. (Restricted to Admin users only.)
  • Update your company’s OMTI product users’ contact info, preferences and access levels.
  • Change users’ passwords.
  • Add new users. (Restricted to Admin users only.)

Download Files

  • Download RB & MR client installation zip files and other files from OMTI support.


  • Online Training
    • View your OMTI Product Training schedule.
    • Sign up for scheduled sessions.
    • Cancel training sessions.
  • RBXChange
    • Look up contact info for fellow RB users across North America to exchange jobs with through RB.
    • Update your RBXchange contact info.
  • Images for Form Manager
    • Manage images for sending confirmation/worksheet form via embedded email format.
    • You can have up to 5 images to use in Form Manager. Each image must be under 100kb in size and JPG format.

If you use the Customer Portal, click here for the full Customer Portal privacy policy.

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