Top 10 reasons to use MetaRecords

MR's integrated system means you can do more and spend less on company overhead. You will need fewer applications, fewer workstations, and fewer work-arounds while following best practices for your industry.

  1. Streamline your office with cloud-based version
  2. Go paperless with MR8’s central repository
  3. Save money with MR8’s built-in word processor
  4. Speed up document printing with form packaging
  5. Reduce entry errors with MR8’s location database
  6. Increase efficiency with MR8’s all-in-one Task Manager
  7. Maintain business health & integrity with MR8’s best business practices
  8. Provide better client service with MR8’s CRM capabilities
  9. Give clients online access to documents/invoices/orders with MR Web
  10. Market your services with MR8 plug-ins: MR Web & Reward Points
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