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MR8 Cloud

DIY custom reports from the cloud

August 23, 2018: If you wanted to create your own custom reports, you haven’t been able to in MR8 Cloud due to security reasons. OMTI has developed a plug-in for MR8 Cloud users who want to create their own custom reports using their MR data in 3rd-party applications. The Data Reader plug-in provides a dedicated connection from a company’s registered device(s) to their MR database in the cloud so they can use their MR information in their own custom reports or other applications. Visit the MR plug-in page for more information.

MR Web 8 Subscribe

Zero downtime with MR Web

7/13/2016: This free upgrade includes a big internal change we call High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR) architecture: This version of MR Web resides on multiple servers, and the multiple versions are redundant.

These means 2 things:

  1. Your MR Web service will never go down — even when Microsoft does planned or unplanned maintenance on the Azure platform.
  2. HADR intelligently disperses web server traffic, so if you have heavy traffic on your site, performance won't take such a hit as with your current single dedicated server.
MR8 Cloud

New MR8 eliminates a lot of overhead

6/1/2016: Streamline your office with the latest version of your MetaRecords system: MR8 Cloud. It's the same system as you already use, but we move you to the cloud, so it eliminates the need for your own server, repository storage, backup system, and the IT staff to support it.

Get the details >

MR Web 8 User Guide

MR Web 8 manual updated to include Winter 2016 updates

Download the new MR Web 8 manual, which has been updated to cover all the updates to MR8 up to and including the Winter 2016 updates covered in the 1st-ever Team MR user conference, Feb. 25, 2016.

MR8 User Guide

MR8 manual updated to include Winter 2016 updates

Download the new MR8 manual, which has been updated to cover all the updates to MR8 up to and including the Winter 2016 updates covered in the 1st-ever Team MR user conference, Feb. 25, 2016.

Form Manager

Over 100 new data sources added to Form Manager

The Winter 2016 MR8 update features a greatly expanded list of data sources to add to forms in Form Manager. See the complete list broken down by form >

Team MR conference

Did you attend the free online Team MR conference?

OMTI held our first-ever Team MR conference, Feb. 25, 2016. The free online conference featured demonstrations and explanations of new features in MR8 and MR Web 8 updates, which were released the same day after the conference.

New features for MR8 and MR Web were developed based on user suggestions in the Idea Collaborator. These are the first MR updates to come out of the Idea Collaborator, and our first Team MR conference to explain MR updates.

Ted Yoo, OMTI's Technical Support Manager, explained and demonstrated how to use the Idea Collaborator and encouraged attendees to use this valuable tool for improving MR products and services.

He also explained the concept of MR Cloud to see if attendees would be interested in OMTI developing something similar to our popular new RB8 Cloud for their industry. We will be sending a survey to all MR users soon to see if there is enough interest in this service to develop it for our MR users.

Jason Yee, OMTI's Client Support Manager, covered the 2016 MR8 & MR Web updates, explaining what has changed and demonstrating some of the new features so users could start using them immediately and get the most out of them.

Idea Collaborator

Get your feature requests in the next MR update

Idea Collaborator in our customer portal gives you a forum

Idea Collaborator is the way to get your ideas for improving OMTI products, like MR8 and MR Web, implemented in future versions. It replaces our existing feedback system with an online forum where everyone who uses the same products as you do can post suggestions and vote for those they would like to see in an upcoming version.

Ideas that are most popular with our clients will be priorities for our development team. You no longer have to wonder if we are paying attention to your idea, and we no longer have to wonder if a requested feature is useful to enough users to be worth the time, effort and expense of developing it.

Idea Collaborator is available to our clients through our portal site. Sign in with your user name and password, post a request and vote on existing feature requests you’d like to use too. The more votes an individual feature gets, the more likely you will see it in our products.

Like an ongoing focus group, online places like Idea Collaborator are widely used in the software industry to gather ideas from client bases. Since we are software developers, not industry experts like our clients, we don’t know if a new feature makes sense. We will be relying on you and your peers to guide our future development.

To enhance the possibility that your requests are popular with the group, please write your requests using the following guidelines:

Idea Collaborator Guidelines

  1. Include only one idea per request. If you have multiple suggestions, make separate requests for each. This will make it easier for other users to vote for ideas they want to see too.
  2. Make the Idea Title descriptive of your idea. Requests will be listed by their titles, so a descriptive title makes your idea easier to find when someone scrolls through the list. For example, instead of titling an idea “MR8 Billing,” which is too generic, write “MR8 payments by credit card” to title a request to add a credit card payment option in MR Billing.
  3. Explain the idea in depth in the Description field. The more detailed your feature description, the better. Also include some background on the issue(s) the feature would address, and why you want/need it.
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