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Manage your business with MetaRecords

MetaRecords (MR) is a complete system for managing and marketing your records retrieval or process serving business. The MR system scales up or down to fit your needs, while eliminating a lot of the overhead involved in running a business, such as hardware, software, and IT.

Meta Records

The complete MR system includes:

  1. MetaRecords 8 (MR8) office management software  
  2. MR Web online offices for lawyers & third parties, such as insurance agencies (optional)  
    • Give online access to the current status of outstanding orders.
    • Allow clients to make record requests online and download invoices and case-related files

    Visit the MR Web page for more information.

  3. Additional optional plug-ins that add specific functionality  
  4. Custom services  

    Extend the MR system to handle specific work processes or other unique business needs that your company requires.

    Visit the Custom Services page for details.

  5. Basic support & training  

    Provide a base for your staff to be productive with MR from day 1.

    You can upgrade from the included standard support to premium support, if desired. Visit the Support page for more info.

What does the MR system cost?

Visit the pricing guide for full details. And use the MR cost estimator to figure out what a system tailored to meet your business needs would cost.

Want to try MetaRecords yourself?

If you are interested in seeing the MetaRecords system for yourself, contact OMTI Sales.

Meta Records