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Quick & easy training

When you first subscribe to MR, we provide a total of 3 free one-to-one remote training sessions to help you set up your system and get oriented to its most critical aspects for running your business.

Meta Records University

MR basic training sessions

  1. Basic navigation and set-up of the system
  2. Case management and Rates set-up
  3. Turn-in and Billing

These free initial training sessions can be scheduled for whenever is right for you.

In addition to these 3 free sessions, we offer 2 more training options:

Train at your desk for free

Free online training covers the basics in MR8, so you can :

  • Train new hires whenever you need.
  • Brush up on correct procedures for specific tasks.
  • More  

Train on-site with a custom program

  • If your staff requires extra attention to make the switch to MR8.
  • If you prefer a live instructor.
  • If you need a training program tailored to your unique business requirements.

We offer on-site training of 1–3 days at $2,000/day plus expenses (and a 1-day travel charge for locations more than 2 hours driving time from trainer's home), that can be tailored to your business needs.

Contact MR Support for more information.

Other resources

MR fact sheets

Visit the Downloads page to find detailed fact sheets about MR products and services.

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