MR Support & Software Maintenance Plans

You can choose between 2 plans for supporting and maintaining your MR office:

  • Standard — Regular MR support plan included free in MR subscriptions,1 whether you have MR8 Subscribe or MR8 Cloud. Can be upgraded to Premium for an additional monthly fee.
  • Premium — Full-featured support plan includes a faster guaranteed response, more service options, & is required if you add custom programming to your MR system.

Support plan benefits

  Standard Premium
Initial product installation No charge, except fee for optional data conversion
Online support O O
Telephone, live chat, fax, email & remote support O2 O2
Scheduled call-backs O O
Guaranteed response w/i 24 bus. hrs. w/i 4 bus. hrs.
Update releases O O
Upgrade releases O3 O3
MR Server re-installation & database moving service
(MR8 Subscribe only. Not applicable to MR8 Cloud.)
$250/incident O
Extended service hours X fee-based
Custom programming X fee-based

O = included X = not included

  1. For client who purchased MR (not subscription clients), standard support costs $850/year paid annually in advance. MR8 is no longer available for purchase, but is subscription based only.
  2. Remote access requires a browser that allows ActiveX Controls to be installed by OMTI Support.
  3. Upgrading to a new version of software is free, but an upgrade service fee of $250 for converting data will be charged and payment due in full when invoiced.

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General support plan information

As our clients’ need change and new support technologies become available, we periodically revise existing plan benefits and add new ones. Always check here for the latest benefits listing.

Service hours

Most support services are only available during our regular office hours: 8 am–5 pm PT, M–F, excluding holidays. Support information and news are available 24x7 on our website. Premium clients can schedule certain support services, such as program update installations, during our extended service hours for an additional fee.

Required plans

All firms using MR software are required to be on a support plan. Standard support is included in all MR subscriptions. Optional MR Premium support contracts are an additional monthly fee.

You can change plans at any time. If you upgrade to Premium support, changes in services do not occur until first monthly payment is received. To change your support plan, contact us.


If you should fall into arrears on any support plan payment, OMTI will suspend your MR support. You will also no longer be able to get program updates. If you should call us for support while in arrears, we will ask for a credit card number to charge the per-incident fee before providing the requested support. If you wish to renew your support plan at a later date you will be billed for a minimum of one month’s support plus for the unsupported time as well. MR8 Cloud subscribers who fall into arrears will be unable to access their MR8 system until they pay any past due balances and set up automatic payments per our MR8 Cloud Service Agreement.

Support policies do not include:

  • Training, beyond three (3) initial one-to-one remote sessions covering set-up and basics, plus what is provided online
  • Hardware or third-party software maintenance and support
  • Disaster recovery (except MR8 Cloud)
  • Support for your network or Internet access
  • Off-business-hour support, except for Premium users (fee-based, by appointment only)
  • Custom programming

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Service descriptions

Initial product installation

To ensure that your MR software is installed correctly, OMTI Support does the initial installation during our regular office hours. We will consult with your staff and/or third-party technicians to coordinate your set-up with your work environment and schedule.

Due to the complex nature of MR’s internal structure, we do not allow clients or third parties to install MR Server themselves. You are allowed to perform your own workstation installation, but installation by OMTI Support is included in both Standard and Premium support plans.

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Online support

Users can find answers to their MetaRecords questions in two areas online:

  1. The OMTI KnowledgeBase contains information on product releases, answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and step-by-step solutions to common operational and software problems. It is available in the customer portal. You can search for articles in this online database by keyword, product, most viewed or most recently posted. The KnowledgeBase covers all areas of currently-supported OMTI products, such as the Calendar and Billing modules in MR8.
  2. Training videos and downloadable user guides are available in the Team MR section of our website.

Included in all levels of support.

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Telephone, live chat, fax, email & remote support

Our support staff is available during our regular office hours to provide support in several ways. If you can’t find the answer you need in online support, call OMTI Support or connect with them via Live Chat (top right in your browser window) for a direct answer.

Sometimes, it’s easier to solve a problem by accessing your computer remotely. In those cases, OMTI Support will ask you to turn on OMTI Remote so they can view and control your computer while talking you through the solution.2

In addition to phone calls, you can also communicate with OMTI Support via email,, or fax, 650-560-6550.

Included in Standard and Premium support.

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Scheduled call-backs

You can make an appointment with OMTI Support for a time during support hours that is convenient to you for one of our support technicians to call you back to help resolve an MR issue or learn how to use MR better.

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Guaranteed response

If you call and leave a message, send an email or fax, OMTI’s guaranteed response time is 24 hours for Standard support clients and 4 hours for Premium clients (Priority Call-Back), during our regular office hours.

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Update releases

Updates are versions of MetaRecords that add new features, fix bugs, and improve usability or performance. They are included free in software maintenance contracts and are designated by the current version number and a serial decimal number (i.e., MetaRecords 8, version 8.7145).

Available in Standard and Premium support plans. Premium users who do not want to disrupt their work day can also schedule installations after our regular office hours for an additional fee. MR8 Cloud installations are automatically updated.

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Upgrade releases

Upgrades are major releases of MetaRecords and are designated by a new version number (i.e., MetaRecords 9). They are included free in subscription software maintenance contracts, but an upgrade service fee of $250 for converting data will be charged and payment due in full when invoiced.

Available in MR subscription Standard and Premium support plans. Premium users who do not want to disrupt their work day can also schedule installations after our regular office hours for an additional fee. Upgrade releases are not included in support plans for purchased versions of MR.

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MR Server re-installation & database moving services

If your server crashes, you upgrade your hardware or you decide to move your MR Server to another system, you will need to have it re-installed. If you ever have a problem with your MR database, you will need to restore it from an earlier back-up. And if you want to transfer your MR database to another computer in your system, you will need to have it moved and re-attached.

MR Server re-installation, database restoration and database moving services by OMTI Support during regular service hours is included in Premium support. Other MR clients can schedule re-installations during our regular office hours for a fee of $250/incident if they are on Standard support or $500/incident if they are not on support.

Premium users who do not want their work day disrupted can also schedule re-installations after our regular office hours for an additional fee.

(MR Server re-installation and database moving services do not apply to MR8 Cloud subscribers since we maintain their servers for them in the cloud.)

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Extended service hours

For Premium clients who don’t want to interrupt business during the day for necessities such as installing updates or upgrading their systems, MR support is available by appointment after our regular business hours, Mondays–Saturdays, excluding holidays.

Fee-based option in Premium support. Costs $250 for the first hour, then $125/hour after the first hour per appointment/resolution.

Not available in Standard support.

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Custom programming

If your business processes require something, such as a report or form, that is not in MR8, we can develop a customized solution for you.

Fee-based option in Premium support. Costs a minimum of $2,000. Requires a Premium support contract and on-going payment of 15% annually of total billed amount for custom programming to maintain custom code.

Not available in Standard support.

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