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Get the MR solution that fits your unique business needs

To maximize the benefits your business receives from using MR, use our optional consulting services to ensure you are getting 100% out of your MR system, custom programming if you need a report that isn’t included in MR8, and on-site customized training.

custom services

Consulting to improve performance & revenue

Bring in an MR expert to do a performance analysis/management review to see if your office is set up correctly and make sure you are getting 100% out of your MetaRecords system. Our management consulting services can also help you expand into new business areas while increasing revenues in existing markets.

With in-depth consulting on how to set up and use MR8 in your business, you can:

  • Improve your operational performance
  • Cut costs
  • Increase revenues with existing clients and/or in new markets

In MR on-site performance analysis and business consulting, we observe your work processes and provide suggestions and direction to help you automate your office correctly and save money. We can also provide guidance for setting up your MR8 system for expanding into new business areas and increasing revenues in existing markets. The cost for on-site consulting is $2,000/day, plus expenses.

Custom reports for your business

  • Developed for you if you can't find the exact report you need in MR8's extensive selection of reports.
  • Written in Crystal Reports 10, the highly rated report building tool, which is what we also use to build all reports in MR8.
  • Base rate for custom programming is $2,000. Depending on complexity, the actual rate charged may be higher.
  • You must be on Premium Support to have custom reports work in your MR8.
  • There is an annual fee of 15% of the custom programming total for maintaining your custom code. Maintaining your custom code entails training our staff to support it and making sure your report stays compliant with MR system updates. Every time we create an update to MR, we must ensure that it doesn’t affect your custom report.
  • Before writing any custom code, we provide you with a complete estimate of charges based on your written requirements. Contact us for more information.

Custom training to meet your needs

MR8 is a powerful, flexible program that can be adapted to fit your company’s workflow. At the same time, it will require your staff to work in new ways to get its full benefit. Although free basic training is provided online, on-site training can help orient your company in the right direction, getting staff to “sign on” to more efficient ways to work, and ensuring a smooth transition to MR8.

In addition, if you prefer to learn from a live instructor, or need more customized training, on-site training can be tailored to your business needs.

Our instructors can teach you how to use MR8 most effectively and efficiently. If your staff is wasting even one hour a day doing things inefficiently, then you are losing 5 man-hours/week/workstation. Focused training can mean the difference between profitability and mere survival.

No limit on class size, small companies can split the cost

On-site training is available in sessions from 1 to 3 days, depending on the size of the firm and content to be covered. The cost is $2,000/day + expenses per trainer. You can have as many of your employees attend the sessions as is feasible for you, or team up with another company to split the costs. The cost is per trainer, not attendee.

Custom terminology

  • Can be written to match your client’s in-house terminology to minimize their need for retraining employees.
  • For purchased MR Web systems only.

Interested in MR custom services

For more information about MR consulting, custom programming and on-site training, contact us.

custom services