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MR8 fits into your workflow

See how MetaRecords saves you time and money by automating your workflow:

Order received

Request is received via phone, fax, email, regular mail or MR Web.

Case set up

Enter basic information about the case in Orders > Case Manager.

Order researched
Attorneys entered

Enter all attorneys of record in Orders > Case Manager > Parties.

Custodians entered

Enter all custodians (locations/providers) in Orders > Case Manager.

Subpoena/notice pack printed

Print documents to be signed by the client in Orders > Print Forms.

Sent to attorney for signature

Send notice and subpoenas to the ordering attorney for signatures. Update progress in Orders > Task Manager > Tracking.

Notice signed by attorney

As forms come back with signatures, update status in Orders > Task Manager > Tracking.

Notice to all counsel

Make copies of notice and subpoenas. Send to all counsel along with waivers (copy requests).

In-notice period
Receive OC copy requests

As waivers come back, record copy requests in Orders > Case Manager > Parties.

Notice/Subpoena served on custodian

Serve by mail, fax or hand. Proof of Service is returned.


Call custodians. Enter fee check requests in Orders > Task Manager.

Records received

Receive records in Orders > Task Manager > Receive Records.


Enter page count in Production > Turn-in.


Generate invoices in Billing. Print labels, face sheets (covers), NODs, delivery slips and certified mail cards.


Enter tracking numbers and other details in Orders > Task Manager > Tracking.


Upload and publish images to the central repository in Production > Turn-in.