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Learn MR8 at your own pace online

These free lessons cover MR8 basics.

Two points to ensure success:

  1. Before beginning, read Chapter 1, Program basics, and Chapter 2, Repository, in the MR8 User Guide PDF document. These chapters will orient you to navigating through MR8 and prepare you for understanding the following training videos.
  2. Lessons are sequential. Complete Lesson 1 before beginning Lesson 2. Finish Lessons 1, 2 & 3 before starting Lesson 4, etc.
Meta Records University

Training videos

  • Lesson 1: Starting new cases  

    Includes entering client & patient info, setting up case form, and archiving files in the repository

    (approximately 15 minutes)

  • Lesson 2: Creating new work orders (adding parts)  

    Includes MR8 concepts of ROI Handled By, Ordered As, Tracking; setting up tracking steps; specifying locations (parts); specifying order scope & interrogatory; automatic and manual log notes; adding new locations; adding new orders to existing cases

    (approximately 15 minutes)

  • Lesson 3 (part 1): Printing forms  

    Including printing forms individually and as packages, editing forms, entering 3rd party waivers and copy orders, advanced user features like form customization for specific clients

    (approximately 15 minutes)

  • Lesson 3 (part 2): Creating Form Packages  

    Includes naming packages, creating documents (correspondence, subpoenas, etc.), and customizing forms with the Form Data Source Template and court styles with global settings in System Preferences.

    (approximately 6 minutes)

  • Lesson 4: Contacting custodians  

    Includes generating lists of new orders & tasks, scheduling pick-ups, entering check requests & billable services, and tracking work

    (approximately 12 minutes)

  • Lesson 5: Receiving & processing records  

    Includes receiving records individually or in batches, production workflow, turning in records, updating items, uploading records to repository, and sending attorney notifications

    (approximately 10 minutes)

  • Lesson 6: Billing  

    Includes Prefill concept, generating invoices, adding ordering parties & services, copying services for copy clients, assigning billing rate tables, previewing invoices with details, removing service items, overriding rates, selecting invoice headers & messages, calculating & posting invoices, archiving invoices to repository, transferring invoices to different party, voiding & recalculating invoices

    (approximately 16 minutes)