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What’s inside MR8

MR8 handles your important business tasks, such as order processing and billing, in a flexible, interconnected environment that includes a complete set of professional-looking legal forms downloadable PDF (with a built-in word processor), and a central repository, so you no longer have to keep hard copies of important information. Plus it handles order tracking, receivables, collections, payables and business tracking and forecasting, with a full range of reports from work load to cash flow to profitability.

MR8 comes with everything most records retrieval and process serving firms need to manage their business built in. It is a turn-key system, but customizable so you can tailor it to your business and the specific services you offer. And MR8 is HIPAA-compliant, with protections that include security access controls, required information fields and standardized forms.

The MR8 system is scalable: From a one-person shop to a company with offices around the country, MR8 handles your business and can grow with you. And since you pay for it on a month-to-month basis, you can control your overhead expenses.

You can choose to host your RB8 on your own equipment in-house or in the cloud, eliminating the need for your own server, data storage, and IT staff.

You can also add optional plug-ins to extend MR8's functionality, such as online offices so clients can check current order status, order records, download files and invoices over the internet.

Meta Records 8

MR8 business management software includes:

  • Cloud-based option
  • Central repository
  • Forms packaging
  • Built-in word processor
  • Tracking
  • Case Manager (consolidates many daily tasks into one screen, speeding up order processing)

Modules in MR8:

Work processes are grouped logically into modules, so you can easily complete tasks.

  1. Orders  
    • Set up cases, create work orders, print forms, request fee checks, call custodians and receive records.
    • Import client requests from MR Web.
    • Record and archive signed waivers.
    • Update and cancel orders.
    • Schedule pick-ups and notify runners.
    • Enter services to be billed.
    • Monitor work orders as they proceed, then keep tabs on them in storage afterwards.
  2. Production  
    • Turn in work orders, fulfill client requests, and prepare orders for billing.
    • Archive all documents by case, firm, invoice or general filing.
    • Grant clients access to files and invoices online through MR Web.
    • Generate labels, envelopes and form letters.
  3. Billing  
    • Finalize, print and post invoices, including COD invoices.
  4. Inquiry  
    • Instantly locate information about orders, invoices, clients, payments and records.
    • Analyze aspects of your business, such as clients’ billing activity.
    • Run month-, quarter- and year-to-date totals.
    • Research who are your best clients and who has stopped calling so you can improve your marketing efforts.
    • Keep track of important client dates, such as birthdays and anniversaries.
  5. Receivables  
    • Credit and track client payments.
    • Assess finance charges, print monthly reports, and monitor collection efforts.
    • Apply retainers.
  6. Payables  
    • Print or export fee checks to Excel and generate reports.
    • Audit and reconcile fee checks.
  7. Setup  
    • Set up and maintain your company, service item, billing rates, records location, and client information.
    • Create custom invoice headers and messages.
    • Enter your workflow steps for tracking orders.
    • Group forms into packages to speed order processing.
  8. Reports  
    • Analyze your business’s productivity, profitability and other relevant data.
  9. Tools  
    • Customize drop-down menus.
    • Set up users and group them according to their system access levels and job functions.
    • Create forms and letters.
    • Maintain and back up your MR database.
    • Perform custom searches of your MR database, including notes logs.

Turn-key system

MR8 comes with built-in defaults so you don’t have to start from scratch. MR’s defaults incorporate business logic and best practices for records retrieval firms derived from our decades of developing software for this industry. You can add, delete, or edit defaults, such as services offered, to customize MR to your unique business needs.

Plus, we can import your existing firm, contact, and location information from Excel or ASCII files.

A system that grows to fit any size office

The basic MR8 system includes the software and database, plus one user license. Add more user licenses as needed on a month-to-month basis.

Basic MR8 business management package includes:

  • MR Server, installed in the cloud on Microsoft Azure Cloud Services — hence the name: MR8 Cloud. The MR Server contains your MR database of clients, cases, work orders, locations, etc.
    Each server/main computer requires a separate MR Server license.
  • MR Client, which installs on a workstation and accesses your database on the MR Server.
    Each workstation that accesses the MR Server simultaneously requires a separate user license. Additional user licenses can be added or subtracted on a monthly basis for an additional fee.
  • Annual support contract, either Standard or Premium.
    Each MR Server license includes Standard support in your monthly fee. You can upgrade to Premium support for an additional monthly fee.

Standard support is included free with your subscription. You can upgrade to Premium support if desired. Choose the plan that’s right for your business.

MR8 security


  • MR8 stores sensitive data, such as password, birthdays, SSN, Tax ID, and date of death, using AES 128-bit algorithm. Plus, the encryption key is managed by OMTI.
  • The security of the SQL Server is managed by the client themselves, except MR8 Cloud clients, whose servers reside in the cloud on the MicroSoft Azure platform.

MR Web 8

  • MR Web 8 uses an SSL with 2048-bit signatures and 256-bit encryption.
  • MR Web 8 only allows access by TLS 1.2. Other security protocols, such as SSL, TLS 1.1/1.0, which are outdated and vulnerable, cannot access RB Web or MR Web.
  • MR Web 8 uses the Microsoft Azure platform. Azure is HIPAA, TRUSTe, PCI DSS, NERC CIP compliant.
  • MR Web 8 follows OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) guidelines, documentation, and tools to develop secure websites. The level of security is set to maximum potential giving your MR Web a rating of A+ according to content security policy and security headers testing.

Subscribe to MR8

MR8 is available by subscription only. For as little as $150/month, you get a full office management system. Optional plug-ins provide additional capacity, such as online offices for your clients. Add or subtract user licenses and plug-ins as needed, cancel anytime.

MR8 is backed by an unconditional, 30-day, money-back guarantee, so you can try it risk-free.