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Let non-clients monitor progress of orders

Add the Order Progress Access Extension to MR Web to allow others (such as co-counsels) to view the progress of relevant orders online.

Works like MR Web’s Order Progress function

In MR Web, your clients can search for and view the current status of any of their orders with you. They can see at a glance an order’s date, patient name, case, client matter number, whether it’s a rush order, and its current status. They can click any order to view all of the locations for that order with their current status and records received. They can drill down further to see more detailed tracking steps for the location. And they can view or download any record that has been received.

If you add the Order Progress Access Extension, your clients can give others (such as co-counsels) the same online access to the Order Progress function.

Want to know more?

For more details about the Order Progress Access Extension, contact OMTI Sales.