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MetaRecords 8 requirements

Check these lists of hardware and software against your current system to see what you need to add MR8 to your business.

Set up as many workstations as you need

Workstations can be desktop PCs or laptops. You connect to your server remotely. (If you have MR8 Subscribe, you can also connect your workstations directly to your server.)

You can have an unlimited number of workstations connected to your server; however the maximum number of workstations that can access your MR Server at the same time is determined by how many user licenses you have.

Components  Recommended
Processor (CPU) 2 GHz or faster
Memory (RAM)1 2 GB
Hard Disk Space 500 MB
Monitor VGA with 1024 x 768 resolution or higher2
Operating System Windows Vista or higher3
Internet Access Required
Other Software Adobe Reader/Acrobat 7 or higher, .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or higher
  1. Minimum RAM requirements are for MR8 only. If you run other applications at the same time as MR8, you will encounter memory problems unless you have enough RAM to allot to all open applications.
  2. You cannot utilize our software without meeting the minimum resolution requirement listed here.
  3. MR8 Subscribe and MR8 Cloud can also run on Windows XP, although we do not recommend it due to its vulnerability to security risks and viruses.

User Licenses

You need one user license for each user who accesses your MR Server (where your MR8 database resides) at the same time. For example, if you have two people processing orders, a Billing person, a Production person and yourself all using MR at the same time, you need five user licenses.

You do not need extra user licenses for duplicate installations. If you want to install MR on both your desktop computer and your laptop because you want to be able to also work remotely, you only need one user license to cover both computers because only one of them will access your MR Server at a time.

You do not need user licenses for anyone using MR Web, such as attorneys and reporters, to access their info in your MR8 database. If however you have reporters or employees working remotely with your MR8 database, i.e., they log into your MR8 directly, not through MR Web, you need to include them in your user licenses.

You can add or cancel user licenses at any time when you subscribe to MR8.

Buy & maintain your own server to bring MR8 in-house

With MR8 Subscribe, you need a server/main computer that matches these specs to host your MR Server and database.

Components  Recommended
Processor (CPU)1 3 GHz or faster
Memory (RAM) 4 GB
Hard Disk Space2 100 GB
Monitor VGA with 1024 x 768 resolution or higher
Operating System Windows Server 2008 or higher, Windows Vista3 or higher
Database SQL Server 2008 Express Edition SP34 or higher
Internet Access5 Required
Other Software .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or higher, Windows Installer 4.5 or higher

Match server to your needs

NOTE: Your server or main computer is the heart of your MR system. If you will be running other applications or storing data on this machine, be sure to add those requirements to your calculations for the amount of capacity and power you will need.

  1. We highly recommend Intel® processors. Non-Intel processors (such as processors labeled Intel compatible, AMD, etc.) have many known issues with running SQL Server. Since we cannot resolve these issues, only Intel processors are recommended.
  2. This space does NOT include data storage or file depository storage space.
  3. Windows Vista is the minimum recommendation for your server’s operating system, but Windows 8.1 or higher is preferable if you are purchasing new software.
  4. MSDE 2000 has been replaced with SQL Server 2008 Express Edition. It is your responsibility to download, install and maintain it. As a courtesy and a service, OMTI will install it for you, but you must contact Microsoft for support. We do not support any third-party software.
    SQL Server 2008 Express Edition has limitations. You are limited to only one processor with 1 GB RAM, and total data size cannot exceed 4 GB. When your data reaches this limit, you must purchase SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition or higher.
    SQL Server 2000 is NO LONGER SUPPORTED and will not be compatible with MR8.
  5. You cannot update our software without internet access.

Non-MR installations & maintenance

Please note: MR8 is a software solution only. You are responsible for installing and maintaining any hardware and third-party software required to operate MR8.

Maintenance that is your responsibility includes:

  • Configuring your firewall, including opening ports as required by OMTI Support for your MR system to operate. We are not able to open ports in clients’ systems. Port requirements must be done by client. (MR8 Subscribe only. MR8 Cloud does not need port access to your system.)
  • Resolving network issues.
  • Setting printer.
  • Installing IIS.
  • Making your logo image for branding your MR documents, website, etc.
  • Keeping all required software and hardware to current specs set by OMTI Support.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about your readiness for MR8, contact us.