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What will it cost to add MR8 to your business?

Download the MR cost calculator PDF document containing the subscription cost calculation form and use it with this interactive decision tree to figure out what system you need and what it will cost. As you go through the decision tree, enter your results on the form. At the end, add your totals to arrive at your final estimated cost.


Initial installation fee:


In the initial installation, we set up the program on your server. This installation is done by OMTI staff at no charge to you.


Database conversion

If you have an existing database of contacts, etc. in another program, you can choose to have it converted into your MR8 system. Contact OMTI Sales for details.

Do you want to have your existing data converted to MR?

YES     |     NO

We generally do not recommend converting data

because with a new system, you can start fresh with clean data and not carry over mistakes and old data you don’t need. If you are like most firms, your client base is small enough that it is not too time-consuming to enter it anew. However, we can move some or all of your existing data to your new MR8 system. For example, we can convert only your client tables, so you have all of your data on your client firms, attorneys and resources, or maybe you'd like your open invoices converted, so you can print statements and aging reports from MR8.

Data conversion is not required.


  Downloadable MR cost calculator PDF document