Are you ready for MR Web?

An MR Web subscription does not require you to have a separate web server, or even your own web site (it includes a welcome page if you don’t have a site).

  • If you are on MR8 Cloud, you are ready.
  • If you are not on MR8 Cloud, all you need is your current MR Server and a static IP address.*

In addition, to set up your MR Web site, we need:

  1. The company name or other text you want for your MR Web URL.
    • All MR Web subscription URLs are similar to this:
    • You designate what the company name portion should say.
  2. Your company’s logo in two .jpg or .gif image files:
    • Main page logo: Sized to fit the screen as you want.
    • Top of page logo (after log-in), maximum size: 500px wide by 64px high.
  3. You must be on an MR Support plan, either standard ($850/year - included in MR subscriptions) or premium ($1,500), paid in advance.
  4. MR’s Repository Server will utilize port 443 for file downloads. Therefore, your designated repository server cannot have any other application that utilize the same port 443, such as IIS.
  5. Your IT technician must configure your firewall or router to open port 443 to everyone, and ports 1433 and 5011 to our IP address:

Please note: MR8 and MR Web are software solutions only. You are responsible for installing and maintaining any hardware and third-party software required to operate MR8 programs.

Also note: MR Web is hosted on Microsoft Azure’s Cloud Services, which they occasionally update. When this happens, MR Web will be offline until the update is finished, usually for no more than one hour. We cannot control the timing of updates, but will notify you as soon as possible after Microsoft alerts us of an impending update.

Maintenance that is your responsibility includes:

  • Configuring your firewall, including opening ports as required by OMTI Support for your MR system to operate. We are not able to open ports in clients’ systems. Port requirements must be done by client. (This applies to non-MR8 Cloud systems only.)
  • Resolving network issues.
  • Setting printer.
  • Making your logo image for branding your MR documents, website, etc.
  • Keeping all required software and hardware to current specs set by OMTI Support. This includes always using the latest version of MR8. MR Web subscriptions may not work if your basic MR system is not up to date.

* An MR Server can use an internal IP address ONLY if the router or firewall is capable of mapping a static IP address to it. MR Web subscriptions do not work with reserved (internal) IP addresses (such as 192.168.x.x, 172.16.x.x~172.31.x.x), which are used for local area networking, so information cannot travel outside of the network. Unless your router or firewall can map a static IP address to a reserved IP address, our MR Web server will not be able to connect to your server through the Internet.

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