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MetaRecords 2010 updates

This page covers all the new features added to MR8 and MR Web in 2010.

MR8 v.8.50

Release date: Oct. 22, 2010


  • Online services for clients  

    More options for storing and sharing information: Online firm & contact-level repositories. Now you can publish docs on MR Web related to a firm or a contact. Your clients can access their own docs online at anytime in addition to job/case files they already had access to.

  • Billing Address added  

    If clients request that you send invoices to a location other than the firm’s physical address, enter this info in Billing Address. Used for Billing, Statements & Envelopes & Labels. Now when printing shipping labels for contacts, you have 3 choices: Firm Address (the physical address), Billing Address (for mailing invoices), and Home Address (for personal gifts & cards). On Additional tab. (Add a note in Warning: Billing address is different from firm address. Just in case your people need to know.)

  • New production efficiencies  
    • Can sort/group parts by Order Date/Due Date. Group by due date to see all parts that should be coming in soon. On main grid in Turn-in.
    • Color coding for voided and posted invoices in Turn-In, so you don’t have to scroll to the end of the grid to see if an invoice is already posted or voided.
  • Forms Manager additions  
    • New PDF Federal Subpoena form has been added.
    • New efficiency: when you open Forms Manager, Data Manager opens automatically.
  • And more...  

    Also in these releases:

    • Search your repository by email address. If you get an email from someone you don’t recognize or you want to see how many of your contacts are using gmail, you can search MR8 using a partial email address.
    • Search your repository by file name or contact – enter a name or partial name (for example, signed.ptx – MR8 finds every instance of this name in your repository).
    • Track who made changes in your Firms/Contacts/Locations databases with new Created By/Last Modified By fields. On General tab.
    • New Client ID (number client provides that they require for electronic billing) field for LEDES 1998B invoicing.
    • New function, Add Notes Log, in the Parts grid allows you to add the same notes to multiple parts with a single click.
    • In the Parties > Services Requested section, service items will be sorted in the same order as they are being printed on invoices.

MR8 v.8.44

Release date: June 3, 2010


  • Universal access  

    The Grant Access function has been expanded: Lead secretaries of multi-branch law firms can see not only activities of head office attorneys, but also attorneys of all the other branches, or even other firms they are working with. Plus attorneys from different branches or even different firms can share case files online.

  • Multiple invoices addressed in single collections letter  

    A new function, Letter-Enhanced, has been added to the Collection Manager. It allows multiple invoices (up to 200) to be printed on a single letter. The function includes a template that can be customized in the Form Manager.

  • And more...  

    Also in the second quarter MR8 release:

    • Multiple recipient email addresses can be separated with commas when sending through Microsoft Outlook.
    • New merge fields added to invoice template in System Preferences.
    • Ability to select all/deselect all added to Billing data grid.
    • Ability to rearrange the order of items in billing sets without deleting and reentering items.

MR8 v.8.43

Release date: April 12, 2010


  • Electronic billing  

    In the popular LEDES 98B format, MR8 invoicing follows the standards used by corporate clients.

  • Additional email address  

    In contacts, for sending invoices/statements to someone designated by your contact.

  • Expanded Note log size  

    Note logs have been expanded from 2000 to 7000 characters.

  • Bulk Update  

    New feature in firms and contacts to speed updating information in your MR database.

  • New remote support option  

    For unattended installations or other support tasks to be done when no one is in your office, we have a new application called Team Viewer. You install it on your server, and when you need something done remotely but you won't be there to let us access your system, you can launch Team Viewer, which generates a unique code. Give us the code, and we'll take it from there.

    It's secure because no one else knows the code. Plus the code changes each time you launch Team Viewer, and it automatically closes after a set amount of time, so old codes won't work.

  • And more...  

    Also in the first quarter MR8 release:

    • A new column, Inactive From, has been added to the Parties grid.
    • Ability to display 1 unit on invoices.
    • New options added to Marketing Inquiry.
    • In Print Checks, the last setting for the Voucher Check will be remembered.
    • A new flag, Show on MRWeb, has been added to Repository > File Type.
    • In MR8's Form Manager, the ruler bar is now in inches.
  • Emergency secondary server for Premium support clients  

    May 2015: This Premium service has been discontinued.