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MetaRecords 2013–2015 updates

This page covers all the new features added to MR8 and MR Web in 2013, 2014, and 2015.

MR8 v.8.80

Release date: January 9, 2015


  • Easier to search notes logs  

    You can now classify notes by type and how they are received — classifications that you develop yourself, so they fit your unique business communications. Then you can designate notes in different logs by these types and search logs by these notes types to more easily find relevant information.

    With this new capability, "Action Type for Collection" has been changed to "Action Type or Notes Type," so it works the same as other notes types when searching in Notes Finder.

    Since existing notes cannot be edited, they cannot have a notes type, so this feature only applies to new notes.

    You can now sort by column in Notes Finder.

    Also in Notes Logs, the Notes Type Filters have been changed from a drop-down menu to a pop-up window to make selections simpler.

  • View files directly from main screens  

    A new function, View File, has been added to all repository tabs. Now you can view files without going into the detail screen.

  • Invoices messages are now twice as long  

    Invoice message length has been expanded to 2048 characters.

  • And more...  
    • A confirm message window has been added to "Post Invoice" and "Post and Send Invoice" options in Billing.
    • Service items with a zero amount can now be exported to LEDES 1998B.
    • Monthly statements can now be sorted by Firm Type.
    • You can now view contacts' email addresses in the main Contact screen's results, eliminating the need to go into individual contact screens.
    • When adding new users to a group in Users and Groups, only active users will be listed.
    • The SSL logo in MR Web has been removed to prevent interference with usability and increase loading speed.
    • Order No. has been added to the Search Criteria when printing forms in Orders.
    • If the default Business Unit has not been set yet for payments in Receivables, the User Preference window will be displayed.
    • Client Rep and Sales Rep filters added to Search criteria in Firms' Setup.
    • In Users and Groups, a new security option to allow access to only the "Web > Import Web Requests" function has been added.
    • In the Form Manager, the scheduling attorney's email data source has been added to Certification (NODs) and Certification (NODs)-Billing templates.

MR8 v.8.77

Release date: October 7, 2013