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MetaRecords 2011 updates

This page covers all the new features added to MR8 and MR Web in 2011.

MR8 v.8.60

Release date: Oct. 4, 2011


  • Connection timeout increased  

    iFile Server Connection Timeout has been increased to 60 minutes to accommodate uploads of very large files.

  • Improved Bulk Update added to all repositories  

    Now you can select which records to update together (no longer limited to all) and update more fields in all repositories including the new Location repository (for storing files related to facilities like hospitals and arbitration centers). Your bulk updates are automatically tracked in the Notes Log.

  • HIPAA-compliant tracking of repository downloads  

    Enable options to track in-house downloads and MR Web downloads so you have a complete paper trail of who downloaded what and when.

  • Clients can automatically mark files as reviewed  

    Enable clients to automatically mark files as reviewed with date/time stamp when downloading files from MR Web.

  • New printing options save time & toner  

    Change printers on the fly from your default to others more suited to the particular task at hand (such as sending a massive report to your high-speed copier) without changing your default. Turn off backgrounds to save on toner and make printed and faxed pages easier to read.

  • Merge fields added to statement emails  

    Add more information to statement emails automatically so when you get a reply (which typically no longer has a the statement attached) you know the statement it is in reference to.

  • Service Item Master List streamlined  

    Now you can only merge service items belonging to the Misc. Charge group.

  • Customizable "Forgot Password" emails  

    A new tab, Forgot Password, has been added to Site Configurations. Now you can customize the emails that are sent out when clients or resources click the Forgot Password button on MR Web.

  • Streamlined file downloading on MR Web  

    A new checkbox, Enable option to set ‘Mark as reviewed’ flag at the time of downloading files, has been added to Repository – Other. This option marks files as ‘reviewed’ when the download starts, eliminating a manual step.

MR8 v.8.55

Release date: Mar. 24, 2011